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Listen Up! Hear the Latest AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 3 Leaks!

smartphonesshop.com.au - If you’ve jumped on the AirPods bandwagon like everybody else, you’ll know they’re a gamechanger when it comes to providing your life with a playlist while keeping you in touch with the world. Those of you who went one step further and embraced the AirPods Pro were treated to a wireless auditory experience like no other. Now, if leaks and rumours are to be believed, Apple wants to dominate your ears once more with their AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 3, which are looking to make your pair of AirPods feel like yesterday’s tech. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about Apple’s wireless plans to dominate our ears once again.

AirPods Pro 2
(Courtesy of @techblood and @appleleaker2019)

Two Heads are Better Than One

It looks like the leaks are pointing to not one, but two different sizes or variants for the AirPods Pro 2. The ever-reliable MacRumors has shared juicy information from leaker Mr-white who apart from dealing with the fallout of a failed jewellery store robbery (kudos if you understand this reference), has revealed that we’ll be seeing the next release of AirPods in two sizes, sharing images to further prove his claims. The cables in the images certainly point to different variants as they come in different sizes. AirPods Pro Mini perhaps?

AirPods 3

Buds, Pixels and Pods

Gizmochina has also stated we’ll see two versions of the second generation of AirPods Pro, but what’s particularly interesting is that reports say the design could resemble the Galaxy Buds and even Pixel Buds. This rumour is further corroborated by the leaked image of the AirPods Pro 2 provided once again by Gizmochina, which shows the removal of the stem and a more rounded design. They’re also expected to be utilising Apple’s H1 chip, offer water resistance, noise cancellation, a lighter case and as a surprise to nobody, higher quality audio. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and Google’s Pixel Buds were without a doubt impressive offerings so we’re quite excited to see Apple potentially take inspiration from them. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods 3: Rise of The Machines

For those of you who prefer the standard AirPods, if the leaks are anything to go by, you’ll be in for quite a treat! Alongside AirPods Pro 2, AirPods 3 are purported to be revealed soon, with a familiar yet unique design set to dominate our ears. MacRumors has reported that AirPods 3 may take more inspiration from the AirPods Pro in their design, with shorter stems alongside replaceable silicone ear tips, although they may not include Active Noise Cancellation or anything else the AirPods Pro offer which is to be expected. The leaked images below from audio and tech website 52Audio gives further fuel to these claims.

AirPods leaks

In terms of hardware, MacRumors reports Apple may include an updated wireless chip in the AirPods 3 in order to improve battery life and range alongside offering quicker pairing. Courtesy of Pocket-lint, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes AirPods 3 will have a system-in-chip solution, further taking ques from AirPods Pro. Apart from that, MacRumors states that according to Audio52, the AirPods 3 will include a similar pressure-relieving system that’s currently present in AirPods Pro, ensuring your ears won’t get uncomfortable after you’ve listened to your favourite albums multiple times. AirPods 3 won’t be able to relieve the distress that comes with choosing a bad playlist, unfortunately.

AirPods Pro

The Waiting Game

Now that we’ve rounded up the latest talk on AirPods and what’s in store for your ears, the next thing is to play the waiting game. AirPods 3 are rumoured to be released in the first half of 2021, according to What Hi-Fi and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The wait for AirPods Pro 2 though, could be much longer as according to Tom’s Guide, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that AirPods 2 will begin to be produced from the final quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022, which should prove bad news for Apple audiophiles but nevertheless will be worth the wait. Tom’s Guide has also reported that according to Bloomberg, a reveal for both AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 could be on the cards for 2021. It’s fair to assume we may see a release date for AirPods 3 this year but either way, our ears can’t wait.

AirPods Pro Leaks

If the rumours for AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 are anything to go by, our ears and minds are truly going to be blown away. We’re already excited for the inevitable reveal of the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s this year and a new pair of AirPods to go with it is just what we need to sweeten the deal. With everything rumoured so far, perhaps 2021 won’t be such a bad year after all! For everything to with AirPods, keep an eye (or an ear) on our Smart Blogs.

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