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inside Smart Phones Bondi - Vodafone Independent Dealer
inside Smart Phones Bondi - Vodafone Independent Dealer
inside Smart Phones Bondi - Vodafone Independent Dealer
inside Smart Phones Bondi - Vodafone Independent Dealer

About Smart Phones Bondi Beach | Vodafone Independent Dealer


Bondi Beach is where many go to clear their minds. Whether it’s a surf on the beach or a morning run, the locals love the simple life. It’s the perfect fit for us as our lifelong goal is to make things simple. It’s even in our motto (“Made Simple” in case you forgot). To simplify using the most important device in your life, come by our Vodafone Bondi Beach store and let our smarties find you the best product or plan to make your life that little bit more convenient, with our wide range of accessories from iPhone to Oppo.

For us, it’s always been about finding the right product for the right person, and we know very well that the Bondi locals are a diverse and laid back bunch. Whether you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones to accompany your morning jogs, a power bank so your beach trips aren’t limited by your device’s battery or wireless speakers for that beach party, we’ve always got a product for whatever life throws at you. We’ve even got waterproof cases so you can surf the beach and the web at the same time if you’re really that busy. The Hipsters of Bondi will also be pleased to know that we stock sustainable accessories, so you can grab an environmentally friendly phone case with your almond milk latte and organic 15-seed bread from the organic shop.

Making things simple surprisingly takes a lot of work, and our commitment to this with our customers is what has kept us at the top of the game for nearly a decade. We know how complicated it can be getting the right accessory or even a gift, which is why we offer a no fuss 30-day return policy so you’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong product again. Also for us, simplicity equals safety which is why we offer car mounts so you can safely and legally use your phone while on the busy roads of Bondi, alongside Blue Light Blocking Glasses to reduce the damage done to your eyes from staring at your phone screen all day. Or you can just focus on the beautiful views Bondi Beach has to offer. 

While you’ll find plenty to love about our Vodafone store on Bondi Beach, the night markets are also a local favourite, offering an eclectic mix of clothes, jewellery and even paintings. Show off your skills at the local skatepark with an action cam or even check out the famous bars such as Isabel and Ode. If you’re an early bird, you’ll definitely want to catch the sun rising over Bondi Beach while also grabbing an Instagram worthy breakfast at Porch and Parlour. A Gimbal would go perfectly with your exploits, wouldn’t it? (Wink, wink) There’s also our Darlinghurst store not too far away for when you’re in the CBD.

There’s no situation where a broken phone is ever convenient. When you live on the beach, there are all sorts of damage that can happen to your phone. Whether you take your phone for a surf or drop it in the water at the beach, don’t worry at Smart Phones Hospital we specialize in water damage repairs for all model iPhone’s, Galaxy’s, Huawei’s and many more. You could say we’re like the Bondi Rescue of phone repairs, even if we need to give your phone CPR that’s how dedicated we are. Regardless if you use the almighty Galaxy S20 Ultra, the prestigious iPhone 11 Pro Max or the humble yet reliable Nokia 2.1, our technicians are ready to repair any broken phone. A drop on the rocks can do serious damage to your device and whether it’s a broken screen repair, or only a scratch if you’re lucky, for mobile phone repairs in Bondi Beach we’re the best in the business. We’ve also got you covered with our range of screen protectors and cases from leading brands such as OtterBox, Case-Mate, Mous, Lifeproof and many many more.

You know well enough that your device is near useless without the right plan. Whether you’re looking for Vodafone data plans that are enough for all the streaming, vlogs and selfies of your exploits in Bondi Beach or anything else to match your busy lifestyle, we take (dad joke alert) the planning out of the plan and ensure that you choose what’s best for you. Need NBN? Of course you do and for that, we’ve got the best Vodafone NBN plans in Bondi Beach. Come see for yourself! 

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