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Vodafone Leichhardt

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Monday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
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About Smart Phones LEICHHARDT | Vodafone Independent Dealer


If you wanted Italian food that tasted just like home, you went to Leichhardt no questions asked. We can also now add that if you want a headache-free phone shop experience, a Vodafone plan suited to your needs and award-winning customer service you go to our Vodafone store in Leichhardt as well. We know we’re bragging, but when you’ve been in the industry for nearly a decade, and have a great relationship with the locals wherever you go, you’ve got every right to brag! Putting that aside, whatever you want out of your device, we’ve got the accessory to simplify your experience. Made simple, as our motto says.

Doesn’t everybody need more simplicity in their lives? Why settle for troubling yourself when peace of mind is only an accessory away? Whether you’re on the job site and need a Bluetooth speaker to keep the tunes going, an SD card for all the family photos you’ll be taking when sampling the finest restaurants in Leichhardt (seriously, do it already if you haven’t) or even want to entertain the kids with a drone, however eccentric or unique your life is, we’ve got a product to suit it. We’ve even gone as far to offer sustainable accessories for those of you concerned with the environment. Combine this with our simple 30-day return policy and you’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong product. Smartphones are meant to make our lives simpler so it’s only fair we try to uphold that as well!

We also believe in making life more convenient through accessories such as car mounts for the mean, busy streets of Leichhardt, and even blue light glasses for reducing the harm done to your eyes from screens. The world Economic Forum has said that by 2050 half the planet will need glasses due to the harmful rays from blue light and we’re trying to change that. You’ll thank us decades later.

What differentiates Leichhardt from all the other great places in Sydney is The Italian Forum. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic for home or just want to get a little taste of Italy literally, you’ll find some fantastic restaurants there that truly capture the old country. It is the perfect place to try out Nona’s meatballs. So if you’re looking for some accessories for your Huawei, Samsung or even Alcatel device plus a traditional meal closeby, our Leichhardt store is where you want to be.

Sooner or later. You’ll find yourself in a situation nobody would ever want to be in. A scenario that has destroyed minds and cost people quite a lot. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s when your phone breaks or decides it’s had enough of your nonsense and stops working. From Alcatel to iPhone repairs and drops to water damage, no phone or damage is too much for us to repair (we’ll make an exception for phones destroyed with a steamroller) and we aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible. For those of you following life’s most important piece of advice which is to always use protection, our range of screen guards as well as cases from the heavyweights such as Mous, OtterBox, Lifeproof, Case-Mate and many more will protect your phone from those inevitable drops.

Getting a new plan can be stressful, finding out it was the wrong one with hidden fees is even more stressful. With our award-winning customer service, you’ll get the best Vodafone plan suited for your budget and lifestyle. So if you want data, minutes to call the old country or even the best NBN plans in Leichhardt, come by, sit down and let us remove the stress that can come with trying to make things simpler!

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