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Smart Glasses



Smart Glasses are the way of the future. and The TCL NXTWEAR G are at the forefront. You can now enjoy a whole new cinematic experience at your fingertips. These one-of-a-kind smart glasses create a stunningly expanded view, which is the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen, 4 meters away.


While we love our screens here at Smart Phones, we know that they can also distract us from important things and disrupt our sleep, because of a little thing called blue light. It might not sound sinister, but do you want your sleep to be disrupted? Want to be groggy throughout the day, affecting your work performance and mood? Our best blue light blocking glasses will keep you staring at your screen during the day and sleeping well at night.

You’re glued to your screen. Admit it, we all are. Ever wondered why your sleep hasn’t been the best lately? Getting tired throughout the day because your quality of sleep has been mysteriously affected? Before you put the coffee cup down, take into account the blue light from your phone and tablet which can cause significant issues with your sleeping patterns.

Especially for those of you using their devices just before they go to bed. Our blue light blocking glasses will help you stay connected to your screen while keeping you sleeping sound at bedtime.

If you work in an office or even freelance, you know just how much time you spend looking at a computer screen. Want to add poor sleep to the end of your day? How about eyestrain?

Want the next day to be stressful and unproductive because you couldn’t get a good night’s sleep?

The combination of blue light and caffeine can wreak havoc at bedtime, so alongside cutting your caffeine intake, get our best blue light blocking glasses for a peaceful sleep.

If there’s anyone who appreciates a good sleep it’s definitely parents. You’ve been woken up heaps by your baby or had your sleep in disturbed by your loud children that any time spent napping or sleeping, counts.

Do you want your sleep to be broken because of the time you spent on your tablet or phone before bedtime?

Our best blue light blocking glasses will keep you streaming when the kids go to bed, yet well-rested because as you know, you lose many luxuries when you become a parent, with sleep being the first.


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