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iPhone 12S or iPhone 13? Check out The Latest Leaks!

smartphonesshop.com.au - The rumour mill is heating up! While we’ve just gotten our hands on the iPhone 12, as we know by now in a matter of months we’ll be going crazy over the new iPhone. To nobody’s surprise, it is reported to be called “iPhone 13" but whispers of it being called “iPhone 12S” are also being shared by those in the know. Whatever it will be called and if the design is anything like the render created by Jermaine Smit below, you know you’ll be in for a good time. From all the leaks so far, it seems we’re going to be in for quite the surprise!


iPhone 13 Renders

The Name Game

While most of us are assuming we’ll be using the iPhone 13 in the next couple of months, it seems we may be getting the iPhone 12S instead! Gizchina has reported that Chinese sources have all but confirmed the iPhone 12s Pro, even going as far as to leak an image for it. It looks like it’ll be utilising a similar design to the iPhone 12 but with improvements such as a smaller notch, glass covering the cameras, a flat frame alongside stronger resistance to dust and moisture. There’s plenty to love about the iPhone 12’s build so we’re certainly not complaining!

iPhone 12S Leaks

Party Like it’s 2016

It was 2016. Corona was only a drink and the iPhone 7 was being revealed while its removal of the headphone jack generated quite a bit of buzz. If the leaks are to be believed, Apple is looking to relieve 2016 all over again with the removal of yet another part of our devices we’ve grown accustomed to: the charger port. As we previously reported, rumours stated that the latest iPhone would charge wirelessly only, and it seems like we may be throwing away our charger cables after all! As shown in the leaked image above from Gizchina, the latest iPhone could very much do away with the most essential part of our smartphones. It certainly looks to be a push towards MagSafe and also a more durable iPhone. Our favourite leaker Jon Prosser also weighed in on the topic, confirming from last year that we’ll be seeing a portless iPhone this year. We can only imagine the kind of controversy this will create if it turns out to be true!

iPhone 12S

Smooth Criminal

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at the iPhone 12 was its 60Hz refresh rate. In a time when even mid-range models are embracing a higher refresh rate, the iPhone 12’s 60Hz display was a major disappointment. It looks like the next iteration of the iPhone will finally remedy this offering a silky smooth 120Hz display, and not only that, leaks are saying we could even see options offering 240Hz! TechRadar has stated that according to an Apple patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 will be able to display both a native refresh rate alongside multiple times the default one. With 120Hz being the gold standard at the moment, a 240Hz display iPhone is the stuff of dreams, giving us yet another reason to stay glued to our iPhone screens.

iPhone 13 ProMotion

Snap Happy

The iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 is set to receive a significant camera upgrade as reported by the ever-reliable MacRumors, stating that all four variants of the iPhone 13 will ship with an Ultra-wide camera lens that has a ƒ/1.8 aperture which should help with taking pictures in poor lighting conditions, according to an investor note from Barclays analysts that was shared with them. Although MacRumors also reiterates that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the upgrade will only apply to the Pro variants of the iPhone 13. Either way, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 will force many in the industry to up their camera game.

iPhone 13

Wax On, Wax Off

Apple’s inspirations from Android don’t look to end with iOS14, as leaks are pointing to the iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 having an always-on display that would show the time, battery percentage and notifications, resembling the feature on Android according to Cnet and prominent tech leaker Max Weinbach. They’ve also stated that the iPhone 12s/ iPhone 13 will only send power to the pixels necessary to show what’s needed on the always-on display. As much as we love the iPhone 12, this is certainly a much-needed addition.

iPhone 13 Render

Touch Screen to Start

The buzz surrounding the return of Touch ID just won’t go away, and this time it looks like we’ll be unlocking our iPhones just like we did in 2013. Alongside Face ID being included, the iPhone 12s/ iPhone 13 is rumoured to have us using our fingerprint again to unlock them, as according to Joanna Stern from Wall Street Journal, two former employees have told them that Apple is currently working on in-screen fingerprint technology while potentially bundling the iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 with both Touch ID and Face ID. it’s also worth noting the former employees emphasised Apple was looking to ensure it would security standards currently set in devices that still utilise it. Even though we can’t get enough of Face ID, anything that reminds us of the iPhone 5 or 6s can’t be a bad thing.

iPhone 12S

As much as we were blown away by the iPhone 12, Apple once again has our hearts (and wallets) in their sights in what looks to be the most feature-packed release of its iPhone yet. Whether it’s called iPhone 12s, iPhone 13 or even iPhone 21, let’s just say that September or October 2021 can’t come fast enough. In the meantime for all the latest iPhone leaks, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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