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Let The iPhone 13 Rumours Begin!

smartphonesshop.com.au - We might be mesmerised by the beautiful iPhone 12, but as expected Apple is already deep in development for their next flagship that’s set to take the world by storm. From 120Hz screens to even foldable variants, something big is cooking at Apple if the rumours are to be believed. Let’s take a look at what leakers are saying, and we’ll see in less than a year if they were right!

Let The iPhone 13 Rumours Begin!

I Got 120 On It

One of the biggest letdowns for the iPhone 12 was its lack of a 120Hz screen. It was almost a guarantee we would see one with multiple leakers speculating its inclusion with the iPhone 12. Alas, we were only treated to 60Hz, a curious decision when even devices such as the Pixel 5 offered a higher refresh rate. Well, the 120Hz rumours have come back with a vengeance, as MacRumors points out that 120Hz was scrapped due to battery concerns, although we may see it in the iPhone 13 as Apple is rumoured to be utilising LTPO display technology necessary for the larger than life refresh rate. They also believe that the variants which include 120Hz support will be the Pro versions only, much to the disappointment of those who normally upgrade to the base model. At this stage though, it would be absolute madness if we don’t see 120Hz support in the next iPhone release.

iPhone 13 ProMotion

Waste Not Want Notch

If you’ve always hated the sight of the Notch, you’re not alone. While some die-hard Apple fans might be prepared to give their lives in sacrifice of the iconic Notch, it has its fair share of detractors, significant enough that there are even apps that remove it! The ever-reliable Wccftech reports the iPhone 13 will release without the Notch, will have the long-awaited introduction of USB-C plus an under-display camera, with mockups corroborating this claim from Alibaba. The mockups also show five cutouts for cameras alongside an LED flash, which if true points to a monstrous camera upgrade for the iPhone 13. We were already spoiled with Dolby Vision on the iPhone 12, so you can understand that we’re more than a little excited for what Apple has in store for us.

Portless Touch

The rumours for an iPhone without ports simply won’t go away, with even Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stating we’d see an iPhone in 2021 without charging ports at all according to MacRumors, who have also speculated that we’d see an A15 Bionic chip alongside similar variants to this year’s iPhone release. They’ve also suggested we may see the reintroduction of Touch ID for a lower-range version which could also include Face ID as well. The portless iPhone variant was previously rumoured for the iPhone 12 and is reported to include stronger wireless capabilities. Gizmochina states that Ming-Chi Kuo also believes we’ll be seeing the iPhone 13 around September 2021. It seems rather ludicrous that we might see a smartphone without a charging port, but time has taught us to never underestimate Apple.


Portless iPhone

Photographic Memory

If you’re currently obsessing over the iPhone 12’s camera capabilities including the beloved Dolby Vision, we don’t blame you as Apple have always proven they know how to turn anybody into a professional photographer. For the iPhone 13, it looks like we’ll be in for quite a treat according to Tom’s Guide, as leaks have shown the inclusion of larger sensors in the Pro variants and an Ultra-wide camera that’s set to outdo the iPhone 12 camera. We also may see a stronger version of Sensor-Shift stabilization in the iPhone 13, ensuring those of you who can barely take pictures produce Instagram-worthy images. With these leaks and the concept image below from GadgetMatch, our iPhone 12 is beginning to feel old already...

iPhone Leaks


The foldable smartphone craze doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon, with leaks now pointing to a foldable iPhone being in development! It’s an interesting choice for Apple and we’re still wrapping (or folding) our heads around the concept of a foldable iPhone. Juicy information from Tom’s Guide has got us quite intrigued that we may see a foldable variant of the iPhone 13 or a completely different model, as they’ve reported that Apple ordered foldable screens from Samsung, as claimed by Weibo, and our favourite Apple leaker Jon Prosser has also stated that Apple is actually working on a foldable iPhone. Tom’s Guide also describes that the patent for a foldable device from Apple shows its foldable smartphone with a mechanism that isn’t too different from the elegant Galaxy Z Flip. if you really want to see how a foldable iPhone would look, check out the video below, which already has us drooling over the iPhone Flip or iFlip.

So while we may have gotten lost in the beauty of the iPhone 12, it looks like we’re set to forget that and fall in love with the iPhone 13. The rumoured inclusion of a 120Hz refresh rate looks to be one of the most exciting additions, plus who knows what else Apple has up its sleeve? For everything to do with the iPhone 13, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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