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All the Reveals from Apple's Unleashed Event

smartphonesshop.com.au -  Apple is the company that just loves to keep giving. Straight off the bat from the iPhone 13 reveal, the Unleashed event unleashes (pun intended) even more to look forward to from AirPods 3, new MacBooks and even HomePod Mini colours. Check out below why Apple wants to make this year even better, plus the keynote from them below.

Unleash The Apple

Love is in The Air

The last time we mentioned AirPods 3 was back in March, and we were anticipating seeing them revealed at Apple’s California Streaming event. Either way, it’s better late than never as AirPods 3 have finally been revealed with an updated design and multiple improvements that look to make them worth the wait. Tom’s Guide has provided a fantastic recap of the improvements for AirPods 3, which include an updated design, six hours of battery life and redesigned touch sensors to make tapping them much more intuitive plus easier. What Tom’s Guide found particularly impressive as well is their durability, which is a notable improvement over previous iterations. You should be able to wear them in the rain and the sweat from your intense workout shouldn’t affect them at all. As for how they sound, the Spatial Audio combined with the Adaptive EQ will truly provide an immersive audio experience. To top it all off, the case also supports MagSafe as well as wireless charging. Expect them to grace our ears on the 26th of October.

It’s also worth noting that according to MacRumors, AirPods 3 will not support the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 as some features will require iOS 13 which the devices listed do not support. Whether it’s a deliberate ploy to make you upgrade or a legitimate reason, perhaps it’s time to upgrade from that old dusty iPhone 6.

AirPods 3

Notch Again

Apart from just AirPods 3 being announced, Apple has also decided to unleash (yes, we’re using this pun again) two Macbook Pro variants in 14 and 16-inch sizes. According to The Verge, a function row is included instead of a Touch Bar, an HDMI & thunderbolt bolt alongside a headphone jack plus even an SD Card slot will be part of the package. They’ll also have a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate plus even MagSafe will be included! Now there’s one feature though that isn’t going to be too warmly received, and if you want a clue, take a look at your iPhone (unless it’s anything under the iPhone X). Yes, the Notch has actually spread to the MacBook. On the plus side, it does include a 1080P camera with HDR support and machine learning face detection although it is nevertheless an odd inclusion indeed. Expect a 3024 by 1964 resolution and up to 1600 nits peak brightness. You can slow expect supercharged performance with Apple’s newly announced M1 Pro and Max Chips which to put in simpler terms will provide lightning-fast speed and that’s not even meant to be a pun.

MacBook 2021

Home is Where The Apple is At

A Mini yet still significant announcement from Apple’s Unleashed event is the new HomePod Mini colours. Apple states we’ll see them in blue, yellow and orange which should go perfectly around whatever colour scheme your home has. Expect all the great features and rich sound the HomePod Mini provides, with a little more colour.

HomePod Mini

Voice Changer

Another announcement from Apple’s Unleashed Event is the new Voice Plan which according to Mashable is cheaper but there’s a catch, you need to use your Voice! Yes, the cheapest option only gives you the option to use your voice for searches. It’s a rather odd decision and one that has got many scratching their heads at the logic behind the decision. Perhaps it’s a test to increase more usage and integration of Siri but either way as they say any publicity is good publicity. We’ll be keeping an eye or should we say ear on this!

Apple Music


While Apple’s unleashed event may not have been its biggest event, in the end, we’re finally satisfied that AirPods 3 have finally been revealed! Those of you looking for an upgrade will find plenty to love about the new MacBook Pro models, plus there’s nothing wrong with a more colourful HomePod Mini. If Apple still isn’t finished spoiling us for the year, keep an eye on our Smart Blogs for the reveals as they come!

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