Nano Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max


Keep your iPhone XS Max perfectly protected with the latest generation premium nano glass.


  • 9H rated nano glass prevents scratches and smudges 
  • Slim 0.3mm design
  • Case friendly
  • Optical clarity for enhanced viewing
  • The advanced silicone adhesion for fast and easy application
  • Compatible with iPhone XS Max


This nano glass screen protector is made of tough processed glass, whilst maintaining optimal screen display and high touch-screen sensitivity.

It features an anti-fingerprint oil coating, protecting against those pesky smudges, and an anti-shatter film with a high silicone coating to ensure maximum impact and scratch protection.

The screen protector is constructed of 9H rated nano glass, which is an industry test that uses a 9H Pencil (the toughest of all standard pencils) to test scratch resistance on the glass. This premium slim screen protector will keep your iPhone XS Max screen in pristine condition, no matter what life throws at it!