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Why Mous Cases are Among the Best Ways to Guard Your Device

smartphonesshop.com.au - Here at Smart Phones, we’ve seen many cases over the years that have impressed us with their strength and reliability. Few though, have stood out like Mous cases. We have to say that the combination of style and durability that a Mous case provides is second to none, and we’re yet to see anybody deliver as they have. It’s no surprise that they have accumulated quite a fanbase as what started off as a crowdfunded project has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon. To understand exactly how Mous has set the world on fire, let’s take a deeper look at what makes them stand out from the crowded market of phone cases.


Why Mous Cases are Among the Best Ways to Guard Your Device

Sword and Shield

So what makes Mous one of the best options available when it comes to guarding your beloved device? Without a doubt, it is the solid build of their cases, which are drop tested under strenuous conditions to ensure that they’ll be tough enough against your everyday clumsiness. While many cases claim to do the same, few have forged the reputation that Mous cases have. The AiroShock technology in Mous cases as described by the geniuses themselves is designed to allow your device to absorb the energy of drops and dampen the impact by reducing the rate of deceleration, complemented with a thin, sleek design that easily fits into your pocket. Tough protection doesn’t have to be thick and heavy like a Knight’s armour! It’s also worth noting that according to Mous, AiroShock isn’t the only reason their cases can endure the worst of human clumsiness, as their cases are fully engineered to be protective and secure with features such as raised edges that can help guard your screen against cracks. Perhaps the most insane detail about Mous cases is that they’re manufactured with Polycarbonate, which is used in Riot Shields! At this rate, you could probably use your device with a Mous case as a shield (not that we’d recommend that).

Mous iPhone

Death From Above

While you might think a phone case that does its job isn’t really anything to write home about, Mous cases didn’t become famous by simply doing that. In a time where companies might do simple drop tests to demonstrate the durability of their covers, Mous cases have stood out by surviving drops from helicopters and bridges! Yes, you read that right, and there’s plenty of videos such as the one below which shows an iPhone X with a Mous cover being thrown out of a helicopter and surviving to tell the tale!

If you thought that’s were the madness ended, you’d be quite wrong. Multiple videos from Mous show drop tests from cranes, hot air balloons and even at iPhone launches, where an iPhone would be furiously thrown on concrete with their cases on, and in all of these drop tests the device emerges without a scratch. It’s this philosophy that Mous cases are built on, where if they can survive the worst of drops and bumps, then the everyday drops the average person is guilty of will be no match for the toughness that a Mous case can offer. While we don’t have any plans to throw our iPhones out of a helicopter, it’s nice to know our thousand dollar and above investment is covered (pun intended).

If Looks Could Kill

One of the best features about Mous cases is that they don’t sacrifice style for durability, as you can see here. Mous cases are designed to be thin while fitting securely onto your device alongside being comfortable in your hands. We’ve come across many cases over the years but none have captivated us like Mous’ offerings. From the leather black designs of the Contour case to the eye-catching look of the Aramax cover, you’re bound to find a design that sits well with you. For those of you who hate covering up the iconic design of your iPhone, the Clarity case, as the name implies allows you to have the pristine protection that Mous cases offer without hiding the Apple logo and colour of your phone. To top that all off, there's even built in anti-yellowing UV-resistance which ensures your case stays looking sharp. We certainly wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to hide the beautiful design of an iPhone 12!

Mous iPhone Cases

For the Environment

Sustainability has undoubtedly become a big topic today, and Mous have once again shown their resourcefulness with their Limitless Bamboo and Walnut cases, both made from sustainable materials without sacrificing style or durability. It’s rare to see a case that covers everything, as it is far too common to come across protective covers that are either ugly or just plain uncomfortable to hold. Mous covers the case perfectly, and we just had to add that pun.


Mous Bamboo

To conclude, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Mous definitely make some of the best cases for smartphones today. Protecting your expensive investment should never have to come at the cost of style or comfort, and Mous’ understanding of this statement is exactly why they’ve become pioneers in this field. For everything to do with protecting your beloved device, check out our Mous cases here and stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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