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What are we allowed to do this Easter Holiday?

smartphonesshop.com.au - Have you prepared your Easter eggs, ready for the egg hunt this year? It may look a little different this time around! 

For many of us, our usual traditions and get togethers with family and friends are a no-go this Easter. The government has set strict rules so that we stop the spread of COVID-19 in Australia and don’t end up in a catastrophic situation. 

Whether you were planning a local get-together, a camping trip or an interstate holiday, unless your trip is deemed essential, sadly you will have to put your plans on the backburner and stay at home this year.

Here’s a few common questions answered, with links to the full set of rules for each state at the end.

Can partners living separately visit each other?

Yes, in all states.

Can I go outside with my kids?

You can go out with your family for the purpose of exercise and to get some fresh air. You need to keep social distancing with other people in mind. Playgrounds are closed so your little one’s won’t be able to go on the swing or down the slippery slide! 

Can you take our pet out for a walk?

Yes, in all states you are allowed out to exercise, including taking your pet for a walk.

How far can you travel in your car?

This is a bit of a grey area, and people are urged to use their common sense. If the travel is non-essential, then it can be deemed inappropriate. Basically, people are being urged not to drive long distances and far from their home without a valid reason, especially where you will come into contact with other people. 

This isn’t only to keep people from gathering in other towns, but also to keep out roads clear of traffic and hence reducing the likelihood of traffic incidents which could result in hospitalisations and burden our health system at a time that it is already under burden. 

Can you visit family if you don’t live together?

In NSW and VIC, social visits aren’t allowed. You can visit a family member only if you are caring for them (delivering food, taking them shopping etc).

In QLD, TAS and ACT, you can have 2 additional guests in your house but you must practice social distancing. So no hugs, high-fives or crying on anyone's shoulder! 

In WA families are exempt from the 2 person gathering limit, but social interaction is discouraged. In NT, social gatherings are limited to 10 people but are discouraged if unnecessary.

You can find a full list of restrictions for each state here:

NSW: https://preview.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/what-you-can-and-cant-do-under-rules

VIC: https://www.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-restrictions-victoria

QLD: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/take-action

TAS: https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/

ACT: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/

WA: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/covid-19-coronavirus

NT: https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/community-advice/gatherings#section1

This is a difficult time for us all, but the more we adhere to the rules the sooner this will all be over! In the meantime, checkout our other blogs for some stay-at-home inspiration! 

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