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Top 6 Reasons to Get Yourself A Smartphone Case

If you’re one of the many guilty souls that has owned a smartphone and ended up with a broken screen then this article is for you.

Smartphone case ownership pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons. In fact, the only reason you might not want to get off a smartphone case is to show off it’s original look.

That’s where it stops though. Continue reading this article and we’ll take you through the top 6 reasons you should own a smartphone case.

Phones are too light and thin:

From the first iPhone forward, manufacturers have aimed to create the most sleek, slim and aesthetically appealing smartphone for users. The most common place for people to put this sleek and slim device is either their pocket or handbag.

This creates potential for an expensive disaster, and as Murphy’s Law states: “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Therefore, if you want to avoid scooping up a shattered $1,000+ piece of hardware off the floor that’s still got 18 months left on contract, buy a smartphone case.

Most people don’t opt for phone insurance:

Many of us are guilty of saying no to smartphone insurance when we’re offered the option- I am! There’s just something about paying an extra $10/month for something you don’t want to see yourself breaking.

If you’d rather not fork out an extra $10/month on your contract, spend a few extra bucks once off and buy yourself a smartphone case.

Cases preserve your phone’s value:

Many of us don’t think about selling our phone further down the track. Though, it’s definitely a viable option. A mint condition Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus is currently listed between approximately $400 - $500 on Gumtree.

That’s a fair chunk off an S10 purchase if you’re upgrading. Below are just a few examples that we found.

Cases provide friction and protect all of your phone:

Two no-brainer reasons really, though they’re overlooked nevertheless. Smartphones just have a tendency to slip away from your grasp just like the One Ring did from Frodo.

Smartphone cases simply help you out that little bit when you’re removing it from your pocket. Given that you take your phone everywhere, protecting every bit of it as much as you can is a smart choice.

They save you money:

Another no-brainer. Though, if you’d rather avoid hefty screen repair bills or replacing your phone altogether, just get yourself a cover. Furthermore, some smartphones can serve as a wallet as well.

So, if you’re worried your case taking up too much space, just purchase a dual purchase smartphone cover.

A case helps make your phone more unique:

Finally, if you’re still worried about looks, just get yourself a quirky smartphone case with an appealing design on the back. You’ll still have a great looking phone, just now you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the masses.


Protecting your phone with a cover is just common sense. We sell premium cases for a range of phone brands? Why premium? Well, why cheap out on your $1,000 Apple or Samsung smartphone? We also sell a range of smartphones cases from other brands as well, including OPPO, Google, Huawei, Sony and more.

Visit our online store for your next smartphone case.

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