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The Perfect Oppo-tunity to Protect your Oppo

smartphonesshop.com.au - It takes quite a bit of vigour to go up against the ginormous two in the smartphone industry. While many have attempted to outdo Apple and Samsung, few have managed to build a reputation like Oppo, offering robust hardware combined with their Android skin ColorOs. If you’ve embraced a device among Oppo’s impressive range, you surely would prefer it stays in your hands and not in the hands of a repairer right? For the perfect Oppo-tunity to look after your Oppo device, read on and see just how simple it can be, whatever model you own.


Oppo Find X2 Pro

You could very much say that Oppo has finally found itself with its Find X2 flagship range. Now if you’d hate to find your Oppo Find X2 Pro (we do love our puns) broken, then look no further than our range of Luxury cases for your Oppo Find X2 Pro. Available in Rose Gold, Black, Gold and Navy, they’re the perfect combination of style and convenience, offering a bold design alongside slots for your cards and cash. To make things even sweeter, it can even be folded into a media stand, so for all you multitaskers out there, you can catch up on your favourite series, sports or podcasts while you’re occupied with other tasks. Sometimes a little simplicity is all you need, and these cases are the ideal example of that. Find them (we just had to) in the links below:

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Oppo Find X2 Pro Accessories:

Oppo A52

The ever-reliable Oppo A52 released to solid reviews with many praising its design and battery life. To keep your Oppo A52 guarded while looking fresh, the Zurich Case Armour from EFM is one of the best methods of doing that. Generally made for iPhone and Samsung devices, EFM has brought its suit of armour to Oppo devices, offering your Oppo A52 protection against drops, bumps and scratches. It’s also worth noting that this case doesn’t just want to keep your Oppo A52 free from damage, it keeps it clean as well, including the latest in antimicrobial technology that can kill up to 99.99 per cent of germs while also preventing further reproduction. How many cases do you know for the Oppo A52 can do that?

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Oppo A52 Accessories: 

Oppo A73

The Oppo A73 has proven quite popular even today, and after utilising one it’s not hard to see why. It’s a device that doesn’t like to overcomplicate things, offering a straightforward experience. For a simple device, we’ve got a simple case that offers the protection you need with a little bit of convenience. Our PU Leather Wallet Cases for the Oppo A72 come in dark blue, rose gold, pink, gold and black to suit everybody’s tastes. There’s also the standard slots for credit cards plus a strap for added convenience. Once again, multitaskers will love this case with its protection against everyday damage while being able to be folded into a media stand.

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Oppo A73 Accessories: 

Oppo R15 Pro

While we could point you in the direction of any case for your Oppo R15 Pro, how about creating your own? That’s right, you can create your own protective case for your Oppo R15 Pro and even a custom wallet case! Whether it’s a still from your favourite film or a family member, you can truly give your Oppo R15 Pro a personal touch with a custom case. Funny pictures are also highly recommended.

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Oppo R15 Pro Accessories:  https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/r15-pro-accessories

Oppo Reno

There’s much to love about the Oppo Reno, and further shows Oppo’s vision of making a smartphone for everybody. Just like Oppo, we like to ensure there’s a case for everyone, and for your Oppo Reno, the Rhythm Shockproof Case is for those that need a cover that doesn’t look or feel like one. Apart from its cool sounding name, It fits snugly onto your Oppo Reno, providing shockproof protection while remaining comfortable in your hands. This case may feel soft but don’t let that deceive you! Its transparent look also allows you to admire your Oppo Reno, and we certainly don’t blame you for wanting to do that.

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Oppo Reno Accessories:


So there you have it! Your perfect Oppo-tunity to ensure your Oppo device remains functional and in great condition. We’ve seen too many devices meet an early death or get disfigured from drops that could have easily been prevented, which is why we can never recommend a case enough. Our repairers have seen it all, to say the least. For everything to do with getting the most out of your Oppo device, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs, and for accessories for other Oppo devices, check out the links below:

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