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The Best Cases for your Galaxy S21 Series Device

smartphonesshop.com.au - If you’ve stepped into a new Galaxy with the Galaxy S21 Series, you’ll need the best case to ensure your device stays in top-notch (or without one for all the Apple fans) condition. For the Galaxy S21/Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra, not just any cover will do, which is why we’re bringing you the cases you’ll need to keep your Galaxy S21 Series device looking fresh and staying functional.

The Best Cases for your Galaxy S21 Series Device


EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O Signal Plus for Galaxy S21 - Clear/Black

Price: $79.95

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/galaxy-s21-cases/products/efm-cayman-case-armour-with-d3o-signal-plus-for-galaxy-s21-clear-black

There's nothing better than the crystal clear signal and lightning-fast speed that 5G offers, and we're sure that was definitely one of the reasons you purchased your Galaxy S21, but did you know that not all cases are optimised to ensure its signal remains strong? This stylish case from EFM not only guards your Galaxy S21 against the clumsiest of drops but ensures your device's 5G signal doesn't deal with interference. Think that's all? You'd be thankfully wrong as the EFM Cayman case has one more enemy in its sights: germs. Yes, you read that correctly, as this EFM case truly despises germs in every way with its inclusion of ion-exchange technology, which has been proven to exterminate up to 99.99 per cent of pesky germs while stopping them from coming back to your Galaxy S21. In today's times, there's no further explanation needed why this is essential. To top it all off, the striking transparent design allows you to admire your Galaxy S21 without sacrificing protection. Those of you who hate how a case covers up the look of your device will find this case to be the perfect fit, literally!


S21 Cases

Case-Mate Soap Bubble Case For Galaxy S21 Plus

Price: $69.95

Buy Here:https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/galaxy-s21-plus-cases/products/case-mate-soap-bubble-case-for-galaxy-s21-plus

The best friend your S21 Plus will ever have, this cover from the wizards at Case-Mate is the companion your S21 Plus needs when it comes to protecting it from the perils of your clumsy drops and germs. The case can resist drops of up to four and a half metres, preventing everyday mistakes from turning into ruined days and costly repairs. There’s also Micropel antimicrobial protection included which should prove quite handy for toilet browsers as well as a funky design that’s sure to turn heads. When it comes to keeping your S21 Plus looking fresh, instead of cleaning it with soap, why not check out this case instead?

Case Mate Soap S21

OtterBox Symmetry Case for Galaxy S21 Plus - Rock Candy

Price: $79.95

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/products/otterbox-symmetry-case-for-galaxy-s21-plus-rock-candy

There’s absolutely no way we can create a list of the best cases for any device without mentioning OtterBox. This bright and bold case from them may look simple but don’t let that deceive you! OtterBox’s reputation definitely wasn’t earnt overnight and with the Rock Candy case, you’ll get pristine protection for your Galaxy S21 Plus, and its colour is quite easy on the eyes. It’s the set of armour for your Galaxy S21 Plus that doesn’t sacrifice strength to look good.

OtterBox S21

Pelican Voyager Case For Galaxy S21 Ultra  - Black

Price: $89.95

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/galaxy-s21-ultra-cases/products/pelican-voyager-case-for-galaxy-s21-ultra-black

While many cases these days can claim to be tough, how many are tough enough for the military? The Pelican Voyager case for your monstrous S21 Ultra is unlike any other, offering some of the industry’s toughest protection and tested to military standards. There’s a shockproof design combined with protection against dust and sharp-edged impacts as stated by Pelican. An outstanding four layers of rigid polycarbonate is also included here, offering “ultra” protection for your “Ultra” device. To make things even more convenient, the Voyager case comes with a simple holster alongside a belt clip and kickstand. With great value and fantastic protection, the Pelican Voyager Case keeps your Galaxy S21 Ultra guarded wherever your travels may take you (pun intended).

Pelican S21


Kore Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Tempered Glass 

Price: $51.50

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/search?q=Kore+Samsung+Galaxy+S21++3D+Tempered+Glass+Screen+Protection+9H&type=product

Now while a case is undoubtly essential, we can’t emphasise just how vital a screen guard can be. If you’re obsessed with the display of your Galaxy S21 Series device, we certainly don’t blame you. With its eye-popping visuals and gorgeous colours, it’s hard not to get glued to the screen of your Galaxy S21, Plus or Ultra. Now it’d be quite a shame if any impact was to shatter your screen right? Last time we checked, cracks in the screen don’t make watching your favourite series enjoyable, nor is it the how Samsung intended their screens to be viewed. If expensive repairs aren’t up your alley, then you’ll find this tough screen guard from Kore to be the set of armour your S21 series display needs. As reported by Kore, this screen guard is made from glass that is specially processed with an extremely thin design alongside an outstanding 9H hardness rating that should be strong enough to endure what life throws at it while preventing scratches from ruining your display. It also won’t affect your screen’s sensitivity or clarity, which just shows that there really isn’t any excuse this shouldn’t be on your Galaxy S21 Series device!

S21 Tempered Glass


As they say, always use protection, and when it comes to flagship devices such as the S21 series, we couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing worse than getting a shiny new device only for a clumsy drop to completely ruin it, but with these cases, they’ll keep your Galaxy S21 series device out of the hands of repairers and looking good as new. For everything to do with Samsung, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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