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Take Your Playlist to the Max With Apple's Newly Announced AirPods Max

smartphonesshop.com.au - When Apple announces anything with the word “Max” in it, you know you’ll be in for quite a ride. We were certainly impressed with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and seeing another product in this variant has definitely taken our excitement to the Max (you knew that was coming). This time, it’s not a new iPhone or iPad. Instead, Apple has given the Max treatment to its beloved AirPods, with the new AirPods Max looking to take us on an auditory journey like no other. While there are many earbuds that provide deep and rich sound, they simply cannot top the pristine audio quality that a pair of over-ear headphones can provide, and it’s great to see Apple realising this. So without further ado, let’s see how Apple plans to make your playlist sound better than ever.

Take Your Playlist to the Max With Apple's Newly Announced AirPods Max

Maximum Fidelity

While we’ve been spoiled with our AirPods, it’s fair to say that their design can only take them so far. AirPods Pro wants to fill that void offering according to Apple, high quality sound alongside a combination of custom chips, noise cancellation and spatial audio. What sets AirPods Max apart from the multitude of options available today though is a custom-designed dynamic driver that takes audio quality to the next level, with deep bass, crisp high-frequency extensions and accurate mid-ranges. To put the techno-babble aside, you’ll hear every note, synth and beat exactly as the artist intended with rich sound quality that’s a far cry from your iPhone’s speakers. It’s not uncommon for songs to sound rather odd on audio devices without the best capabilities, but with AirPods Max, your ears are in for a treat.

We all know that one of the worst things in life is distorted audio. Hearing your favourite song butchered by poor quality sound equipment can be quite a traumatic experience. Apple wants to ensure this never happens to anyone, equipping its AirPods Max with a dual neodymium ring magnet motor that allows you to enjoy your playlist at the highest volume with harmonic distortion of less than one per cent. The days of choosing between playing your tracks louder with distortion or at a lower volume so they can sound better are set to be numbered, as Apple’s H1 chip uses computational audio to provide an unrivalled auditory experience. There are ten audio cores in the powerful H1 chip that can perform a whopping nine billion operations per second, making whatever you’re listening to sound eerily good. You’ll probably think your favourite band is playing right in front of you!

AirPods Max

Block Your Ears

While you may have the clearest sounding audio, when there’s so much happening around you it can totally ruin the experience. Hearing cars, people shouting or other tastes in music that you can’t stand doesn’t go well when you’re trying to bop to that funky hip hop playlist. AirPods Max aims to solve this issue in a variety of interesting ways. The first is the most obvious, Active Noise Cancelling, which as you’d assume blocks external noises from interfering with your music. Now it wouldn’t be Apple if it simply just did that, would it? Expect three outward microphones in both cups that will detect the noise around you alongside one microphone that detects the noise coming to the wearer’s ears. Basically, this isn’t your average noise-cancelling feature as it will adapt to your surroundings and movements to give you an experience like no other pair of headphones can provide. Of course, for those who would rather not completely tune out from reality, all you have to do is press the Noise Control button.

If you really want to lose yourself in whatever you’re listening to, the spatial audio in AirPods Max delivers mind-blowing (or should we say ear-blowing) audio that fully surrounds you and follows your movements, utilising the accelerometer and gyroscope. If you’re listening to anything in Dolby Atmos, let’s just say that you’ll be happy to never go to the cinema again, which wouldn’t be out of place in these times.

AirPods Max Audio

Midas Touch

It’s no secret that Apple’s designs have become rather iconic and synonymous with the actual type of product itself. This is a trend that looks to continue with AirPods Max, sporting a unique design that’s not just easy on the eyes, but also on the ears! Apple describes its design as including a breathable knit mesh canopy across the headband, which should reduce pressure on the head and prove quite useful for extended periods of streaming films and music. The stainless steel headband frame should also give an efficient combination of flexibility and comfort across all types of head sizes. Apple has taken cues from the Apple Watch and included a switch they call the Digital Crown, which will allow the user to do everything they’d need to when accessing their playlist, answering calls and even summoning Siri.

AirPods Max

With twenty hours of battery life, a thin and sleek case that helps preserve battery power and audio like never before, the AirPods Max wants to revolutionize what it means to listen to music on your device. With a price tag of $549 US/ $899 AUS and five colours including space grey, silver, green, sky blue, and pink, it’s clear without any distortion that Apple wants to appeal to the purist audiophiles and raise the bar once more on the 15th of December launch date. For everything to do with Apple, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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