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NSW/QLD Lockdown 2.0: What You Can & Can't Do

Freshly emerged out of the previous lockdown, with another outbreak it seems our hopes were short lived. We’re back to square one for now, and it’s worth noting that the rules have changed once again. Whether it’s a gathering with friends or a visit to the shops, it’s pivotal to know what the exact rules are to keep yourself safe while avoiding fines. Once again we’re here to make things simple, so read on as we break down the restrictions of this lockdown that are here until the 9th of July in NSW, or the 2nd of July in parts of QLD, affecting the Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim, Gold Coast, Townsville (including Magnetic Island) and Palm Island local government areas.


NSW/QLD Lockdown 2.0: What You Can & Can't Do

Home Run

We’ll be straight to the point here, you’ll need to stay home unless you have a reasonable excuse. as outlined by the NSW Government. and QLD Government. While we understand how difficult the previous lockdown was for many of us but as Sydney deals with another outbreak, for the safety of yourself and others you’re going to have to stay put. Those of you who’ve always preferred the warm embrace of Netflix or a controller may not find this too difficult, but if you’ve become accustomed to the great outdoors then we can’t say it’ll be easy, but as they say good things come to those who wait!


Grocery Run

So what’s considered a reasonable excuse to leave the house? There’s quite a few which should be sufficient for most of us, including grabbing groceries, exercise, caring for family members, accessing social, employment plus medical services, moving house and emergencies. To help you stay connected during this lockdown, our stores will be open for which you can see your nearest store location here. You’ll also be allowed to travel for work or study if you cannot do them at home, although both the NSW Government and QLD Government strongly recommend working/studying from home. You’ll be in luck here if you enjoy finishing off that assignment in your pyjamas.

Non Essential

The only businesses that will be permitted to be open during this two week lockdown are what are considered “essential.” Non-essential services include according to the NSW and QLD Government pubs, clubs, amusement centres, hairdressers, beauty salons, places of worship, markets, public swimming pools, gyms & indoor sports facilities. Your local takeaway shop will be allowed to stay open though, as nothing should get in the way of those late-night cravings.

No Weddings & A Funeral

Those of you wishing to get hitched during this lockdown are going to have to wait as weddings will not be allowed until the 9th of July providing the outbreak is actually under control. Sure it might be frustrating but then again we’re sure you’d rather not look back at your special day as being a superspreader event. As for funerals, a maximum of 100 people will be allowed to attend provided masks are worn and social distancing is practiced. If you're in QLD, funerals will be limited to 20 people and weddings can only have 10 people which will even include the couple and the celebrant. With a guest list that small it's probably best to wait.


Getting Physical

If your muscles are aching for a workout, while you’ll be upset to hear that gyms will be closed during this lockdown, you’ll be able to exercise in groups with a maximum of ten outside anywhere within greater sydney, with one other person in QLD and even by yourself at home while you wait for your favourite gym to reopen. Sure it may not be as strenuous as what you get up to in the gym, but isn’t that better than letting the calories build up?

If all goes according to plan, we’ll only be in lockdown until the 2nd/9th of July. For the safety of everybody, you’ll need to do your part and only leave the house for the reasons we’ve outlined above and hopefully we’ll be able to resume our lives within the next two weeks! For further updates on this lockdown keep an eye on our Smart Blogs.

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