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Strap it On! Check out the Best Apple Watch Bands

One of the best things about an Apple Watch apart from its multitude of features is the ability to customise it with different bands. Whether it’s a band for a special occasion or one for those grand adventures, there’s a band for everybody. Much in the same way many love to customise their devices with accessories, your Apple Watch is no exception so strap in, and check out how you can personalise that nifty Apple Watch on your wrist!


Top of the Mill

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Milanese band is the one of the most, if not the most popular Apple Watch Band today. This metal/steel Apple Watch Band just oozes style at every opportunity and there’s quite a bit of history behind it as well! Online Magazine Quill & Pad outline how findings at Etruscan graves show how the ancient civilization knew how to make these types of bands, which went well with their Apple Watches made out of stone (we just had to). Jokes aside, as the name suggests, the Milanese band was born in Milan, with goldsmiths during the Renaissance crafting bracelets and necklaces in that design. The Milanese band undoubtedly has grown to be adored by Apple Watch users worldwide, and with its iconic design and history, it’s no surprise seeing that!

38/40mm Milanese Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/products/apple-watch-series-4-band-40mm-milanese-loop-strap

42/44mm Milanese Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/products/apple-watch-series-4-band-44mm-milanese-loop-strap

Steel the One

When you can’t decide what band you want on your Apple Watch, nothing beats a Steel Apple Watch Band. With a solid build and stylish design, it’s the perfect complement to any occasion and every taste. They’re the perfect combination of good looks and the strength to match, sporting a classic design that’s still unbeatable to this day, whether it’s a silver, gold, black or rose gold steel band. They say you can never beat the classics, and the Steel Apple Watch Band is the perfect example of this statement.

38/40/42/44mm Steel Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/search?q=stainless+steel+bands&type=product


Leather & Lace

You can never go wrong with Leather. Whether it’s a leather jacket or shoes, you’ll always stand out rocking it, so why not extend that to your Apple Watch Band? If you prefer the warm embrace of leather on your wrist rather than a metal band, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that there are plenty of leather bands available for your Apple Watch, from the smooth design of Case-Mate’s Bands to the Loops of 3SixT’s Apple Watch Bands, there’s a band for every Leather lover out there. While those who prefer a traditional watch have always enjoyed the look and feel of them, thankfully now Apple Watch owners can enjoy that premium look, because nothing shows your love of the past and appreciation of the future with a Leather Band on your Apple Watch.

42/44mm Leather Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/search?q=leather+band&type=product




If you want an Apple Watch Band that has a softer feel than leather or metal, while being tough enough for your fitness and great outdoors adventures, a Nylon Elastic Apple Watch Band is the perfect fit for you, literally as we like to say! There are many ways your Apple Watch can enhance your workout or make your trek easier, so it’s only fair you’d need a proper band for those situations as the last time we checked, a stylish Apple Watch Metal Band probably isn’t what you want when you’re burning calories or scaling mountains. There’s the comfortable and breathable Nylon Apple Watch Bands from Case-Mate that’s made for your strenuous workouts alongside Camo Apple Watch Bands from Pelican, a brand that’s trusted by the Military! Featuring a secure G hook fastener and tough elastic, you’ll definitely understand why the Military relies on Pelican to get them through. If you’re still wondering whether a Pelican Apple Watch Band will be suitable for your adventures just remember, if it’s good enough for the Military, it’s good enough for you!

Pelican Apple Watch Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/search?q=pelican+apple+watch+&type=product

Case-Mate Nylon Bands: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/search?q=nylon+band&type=product


There are plenty of ways to get your Apple Watch strapped, and with the different varieties available you’ll always find the perfect Band for that particular occasion. Besides, the selection of bands available has only made us love our Apple Watches even more with timeless Leather Bands for a classic look and Durable Pelican Bands for when the great outdoors calls. For everything to do with Apple, keep an eye on our Smart Blogs, and learn more about the best Apple Watch bands here!

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