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Solid Fold: The Latest Leaks for The Oppo Fold

smartphonesshop.com.au - If there’s one thing Samsung definitely deserves kudos for, it’s popularising folding devices. The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 5G were without a doubt pleasant surprises this year, ushering in a new age for smartphones while also providing the industry with some much-needed innovation. With this in mind it’s no surprise that Oppo is also working on their own foldable release, aptly referred to as the Oppo Fold. While it still remains to be seen if foldable devices are here to stick around or flop (pun intended) let’s see what Oppo has in store and why we’re understandably excited.

Solid Fold

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Fold Your Hand

With foldable phones being all the rage right now, the Oppo Fold comes as the perfect addition to the smartphone manufacturer’s extensive range plus a means of establishing itself as a strong competitor to Samsung and Apple. First shown in 2019 from former Oppo Vice President Brian Shen according to The Verge, Oppo’s VP stated that they would be willing to secure a proper release if the demand was there and now, it definitely looks like the right time has arrived. Of course, a different design than what was shown in the prototype images is a guarantee, but we can’t fault Oppo’s thirst for innovation. So far we’re quite intrigued by the leaks that have unfolded (you knew that was coming) showing a worthy opponent to the two smartphone behemoths.

Oppo Fold - strong competitor to Samsung and Apple

Leaky Business

TechRadar’s leaked features for the Oppo Fold also show a serious rivalry brewing against the Galaxy Z Fold3. A gorgeous 1200 x 2000 resolution OLED screen with a silky-smooth 120Hz refresh rate looks to grace our eyes plus in terms of raw power, the Oppo Fold should be more than tough enough to face the Galaxy Z Fold3 with a Snapdragon 888 chipset. Also according to Gizchina, the Oppo Fold will include a display between 7.8 inches to 8 inches and It’s also worth noting that 65W fast charging alongside Android 12, or ColorOS 12 according to Gizmochina will be part of the foldable package.


Of course, if you’re worried about whether the Oppo Fold will be sufficient enough for your photography addiction, Oppo’s foldable debut doesn’t sound like it will disappoint, housing a 32MP front camera alongside a Sony IMX766 50MP sensor. To put it in simpler terms, expect top-notch camera capabilities that really bring out all the wanted and unwanted details in your photos.


Features of Oppo Fold



If the leaks and rumours are to be believed, it won’t be too long before we’ll be unfolding a new Oppo device. According to Android Authority, Oppo is gearing up for a reveal this month. We may also see a release in the middle of 2022, although there is the chance it could be exclusive to China first, as Android Authority has noted that both Xiaomi and Huawei’s foldable phones only saw a release in China. We certainly hope that isn’t the case and due to Oppo’s rising popularity, it’s plausible to assume a worldwide release is on the cards but as the age-old saying goes, time will tell.

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They See Me Rolling 

While a different device altogether, it’s imperative to mention Oppo’s rollable X device that was shown earlier this year. According to Tech Advisor, there’s no confirmed release date and we can expect further delays with Oppo stating they wish to strengthen its durability, a reason that is without a doubt noble. Reviewers were quite impressed by the device which included a 6.7-inch screen that could roll open into a 7.4-inch display. It’s practically both a phone and a tablet, especially when in comparison to the Galaxy Tab A alongside other smaller tablets.


The Oppo X rollable also paints a very unique future of what we can expect to see in the palm of our hands as the desire for bigger screens that can still fit in pockets takes a unique and innovative turn. Either way, It’s a great example of what the company is capable of, and it will be interesting to see how much inspiration the Oppo Fold takes from the rollable concept that Oppo is flaunting. It remains to be seen when we’ll see the device though.


Specifications and Release Date of Oppo X


With Oppo, Google and Even Apple rumoured to be getting into the foldable game, it may very well seem that we’ll be giving our single-screen devices the flip and folding our way into the future. There’s much to love about a screen that can fold out into a much bigger one plus when a stylus is thrown in the mix, the possibilities can truly be endless. Only time will tell if in the future we’ll be using the iPhone 20 Fold Pro Max or Oppo Find X Fold 10, but until then keep an eye on our Smart Blogs!

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