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Note Coming? What's Happening With The Galaxy Note21 Series?

The Galaxy Note Series is without a doubt, a beloved staple of many smartphone owners out there, or should we say phablet. Looking like the offspring of a smartphone and tablet, the Galaxy Note Series has always filled that void for those wanting the features that come with a tablet without losing the convenience of a flagship device. Apart from the “explosive” performance of the Note7, every device in Samsung’s phablet range has continued to impress, with the Note20 Ultra being the pinnacle of Samsung’s releases. Unfortunately, while the Galaxy S21 Series have graced our hands and eyes, the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra are nowhere to be seen, so sit up, take notes and let's see what's happening to this elusive device. Also check out the renders below from Ice Universe, courtesy of Notebookcheck.

What's Up With the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra?


Note Coming This Year

In case you were misled by the pun in the title, the bad news is that Samsung have confirmed we won’t see the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra this year, much to the chagrin of this writer and many others. XDA Developers report that Samsung have no plans to release any Note devices this year, focusing on the Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the widely rumoured Galaxy S21 FE in its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event premiering on the 11th of August. It’s an extremely disappointing move and perhaps some of the worst news this year, then again Samsung’s purported reveals at the event may help take our minds off the Note, for now. Check out another render below from LetsGoDigital and Snoreyn and prepare to be both amazed and disappointed, thanks to PhoneArena.


Rumours Noted

While the crushing news of no Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra coming this year is certainly upsetting, that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill for the Galaxy Note21 Series from swirling. PocketLint is speculating we’ll likely see a 120Hz display plus a 6.8-inch display for the Galaxy Note21 Ultra, but then again we may even see a higher refresh rate. They’ve also noted the likely improvements to the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra such as a 5000mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon chip although all this guessing game may be futile as prolific leaker Ice Universe has stated that there is no information available on the development for The Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra. Fret not though as hope isn’t completely lost! PockeLint has pointed out that LetsGoDigital has spotted an unnamed device without a front camera in one of Samsung’s promotional videos that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy Note Series. Whether the device is meant to be a tease or a cancelled prototype, it’s fair to say that if we do see it next year, it will most likely be called the Galaxy Note22/Note22 Ultra.

This is Note Happening

If you’re a Galaxy Note fan, you’re probably flabbergasted at the fact that we won’t be getting the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra this year, but why is that exactly? Why would Samsung move the beloved Galaxy Note Series to the backburner? The reasons aren’t too surprising. PhoneArena states that Samsung wishes to retire the Galaxy Note Series eventually in order to focus more on the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold Series, with this year looking to be when Samsung puts the spotlight on these devices. From what it looks like, this speculation is eerily coming true especially with Samsung’s Unpacked Event in August. Gizmochina also reports that the sales of the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra failed to meet expectations, with these poor sales figures being the main reason Samsung wishes to focus on other devices. Gizmochina do note (pun intended) that we may very well see a Galaxy Note20 FE according to leaker Ross Young which could serve to be the swansong of the range. Besides, the biggest warning came from the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s inclusion of S-Pen compatibility!



Note The Z Fold3

With the Galaxy Note21/Note21 Ultra not coming this year, the question is will the Galaxy Z Fold3 prove to be a suitable alternative and ultimately a worthy successor? The inclusion of S-Pen compatibility with a new S-Pen variant is definitely promising, combined with the foldable screen that may actually scratch that Note Series itch. According to GSMArena, we’ll see a 7.6-inch screen on the Galaxy Z Fold3, which does sound intriguing. As we’re still yet to properly embrace foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will have its work cut out in its aim to claim the Note’s throne while proving foldable devices are the future.



If there’s anything that’s broken our hearts this year, it’s that we won’t see a successor to our Galaxy Note20 Series devices. The Galaxy Note Series is without a doubt iconic and a technical powerhouse, with no surprise that many see it as the better upgrade over the Galaxy S Series every year. We might find ourselves acquainted with the Galaxy Z Fold3 soon, but only time will tell if it will warm our hearts like the Note Series did. For everything to do with Samsung, note it down to keep an eye on our Smart Blogs!

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