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Leaks Everywhere: Check out iPhone 13/iPhone 12s Prototypes and More!

smartphonesshop.com.au - As we move further into the year, our anticipation for the next iPhone only grows stronger. With the release of the purple iPhone 12 plus more leaks that make the wait harder than ever, it looks like we’ll be spoiled once again with the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s. A quick look at the render below from SvetApple.SK is all you need to know why the anticipation for the next iPhone is higher than ever. It probably also helps that the iPhone 12 was that good as well, leaving us extremely impatient for the sequel. Either way, buckle up and check out the latest leaks below!


Mini Yet Massive

Perhaps what looks to be the most significant leak so far for the iPhone 13 comes from GSMArena, showcasing images of a leaked iPhone 13/iPhone 12s prototype. Apart from its striking blue colour, the biggest change that is apparent are the cameras which are now placed diagonally rather than horizontally as on the iPhone 12 Mini. This matches previous leaks and renders, sporting a design first for the iPhone. As also speculated by GSMArena, the diagonal camera design may be intended to make space for a larger sensor, which would very much be a welcome addition. It’s also fair to say that we may see this design on the standard iPhone 13/iPhone 12s which can’t be a bad thing.


Mad 13 Pro Max

Those of you anticipating the release of Apple’s supercharged iPhones will be pleased to hear that there are some significant improvements in this year’s variants. Prominent leaker and YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy has gotten his hands on an iPhone 13/12s Pro Max replica, normally sent to case manufacturers for which he excitedly states is the best replica he has ever received with the weight, feel and material that’s to be expected from an actual iPhone! While the next iPhone Pro Max certainly looks similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, once again the first difference that can be seen is the enlarged cameras, which we can’t help but admire. There’s also plenty of other differences that Lewis finds as he analyses his hyper-realistic iPhone 13/12s Pro Max replica including, wait for it… a smaller Notch! Another interesting revelation from the replica unit is the inclusion of a lightning port, potentially confirming the absence of a portless Pro Max variant in this year’s release. It looks like it may be time to give up that dream of an iPhone with a USB-C port as well…

For those of you worried about whether we’ll see a 120Hz refresh rate in the new iPhone, you can safely put your fears aside as courtesy of GSMArena, a new report from Korea confirms that the Pro and Pro Max variants of the next iPhone will come bundled with LTPO AMOLED screens, with a silky-smooth 120Hz refresh rate that will make your old iPhone look laggy in comparison. It’s also noteworthy that these displays will actually be produced by Samsung themselves!

iPhone the 13th

While rumours are swirling around over whether we’ll get an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s, it may very well be viable we won’t be seeing an iPhone 13 at all. The number thirteen as you may know is considered an unlucky number in various cultures with people going as far as avoiding planning weddings on the 13th and even some buildings not having a 13th floor! There’s surprisingly a term for it, called Triskaidekaphobia. While it’s easy to write off as superstition, it’s not something a billion-dollar company like Apple can simply forgo. Samsung avoided releasing an S13 by jumping straight to the S20 and since Apple had no issue with skipping the iPhone 9, it wouldn’t be out of place for them to release an iPhone 12S or even iPhone 14 instead of an iPhone 13. Cult of Mac agrees with this viewpoint, also pointing out that prominent Apple Leaker Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech has gotten word from his sources that an iPhone 13 is off the cards. An interesting viewpoint expressed by Cult of Mac though is that Apple did not refrain from releasing iOS13 or iPad13, and even released the iPhone 4 knowing that a selection of countries actually have their own superstitions to the number 4. It is looking likely though, due to the greater superstitions towards the number 13 that Apple will most likely avoid releasing an iPhone 13. Friday the 13th anyone?

With several months left before we get to enjoy the warm (or cold) embrace of a new iPhone, it’s good to see Apple coming up with a multitude of ways to make our iPhone 12 look obsolete. Whether we see an iPhone 13, iPhone 14 or iPhone 12s end up in our hands, we’ll be reminded once again why we love our iPhones that much. It's also worth mentioning that we may see the next iPhone sooner this year, as Forbes is reporting Taiwanese site Digitimes stating that Apple will begin manufacturing A15 chips by the end of May. For all the latest iPhone leaks as they come out of the bag, keep an eye on our Smart Blogs!

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