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Keeping Kids Safe Online This Easter Long Weekend

smartphonesshop.com.au - Smartphones, tablets and computers are now a normal part of everyday life for almost all families. Young children are spending more and more time on devices as parents struggle with juggling family life, work alongside household responsibilities. Some parents limit screen time and allow only certain activities, whilst others allow more freedom for their children to explore what interests them. 

However technology is always changing and there are new programs, apps and content popping up every day which bring a plethora of new issues for parents. With this in mind, how do we keep our kids safe from inappropriate content, predators plus becoming addicted to their devices? Here are a few suggestions which should come in handy this Easter long weekend.



Family Zone 

Family Zone is an award winning online safety tool that lets parents manage what kids see and when they see it. It works everywhere and across various devices. Parents can install Family zone on their own device for management of such things such as access limits, study times, sleep times, reports and usage alerts for their kids. Some of the features include:

  • Managing screen time
  • Safe content
  • Restricts social media
  • Restricts Youtube content
  • Limits in-app purchases
  • Limits gaming
  • Disables device features such as camera
  • Reports and alerts

They also have various plans to choose from, which are well worth the investment to keep your children safe!



Talking about screen time

Younger children may find it hard to understand why you’re taking away their devices or restricting their online activities, but usually children 5 and above are capable of listening to their parents reasoning and following rules. Here are a few tips:

  • Studies show that children respond well to routines, so the first step could be talking about the amount of time and what time of day they are allowed to use their devices. Using apps such as Family Zone also allows you to set time restrictions and set up routines around screens. 


  • Spending plenty of time outdoors will keep kids distracted and happily away from screens. Explaining the benefits of physical activity and being outdoors versus the harm that too much screen time can cause can also help children understand why you’re placing certain restrictions on them.


  • Make changes to your own routine by using your smartphone less. We’re all guilty of checking our phones way too often, especially if they’re in our pocket or near us. Try to make a habit of putting your phone away in a designated area and teach your children to do the same. Monkey see, monkey do! 


  • Explain the physical dangers of too much screen time such as strained eyes and bad posture.


  • Explain to your kids that there are many apps, programs and content on the internet that aren't made for children which could scare and disturb them if they were to come across them. 


  • Explain that stranger danger applies on the internet as well! If somebody they don’t know wants to talk or asks them to do things for them, ensure they understand to always say no and to immediately tell you about it.


The Dangers of Blue Light

It’s not just the content itself on apps and websites that can harm our kids, but the blue light emitted as well which poses a significant threat to the eyesight of both adults and children. The harmful rays from the screens which control our lives can affect your children’s sleep and even cause them migraines. Any parent knows the eternal struggle of putting kids to sleep especially when the holidays come around, and with blue light thrown into the picture, expect poorer sleep for your kids alongside a migraine of your own from trying to get them to go to bed! While you may not be able to completely get rid of screens in this day and age, you can minimise the effects of Blue Light with a pair of our Blue Light glasses, which we’re sure you’ll agree are an investment in peace of mind! Learn more about the harmful effects of Blue Light here.


Modern day parents are facing a new challenge that other generations didn’t have. Technology is here to stay, and also has many benefits for both young and old. But with the right attitude and education, we can teach our kids to navigate this whole new world in a safe and productive way. For everything to do with online safety, keep a watchful eye on our Smart Blogs!

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