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Keep The Whole Family Connected With Apple Family Setup

Keeping the family together and connected can be a rather stressful and difficult task. Whether it’s trying to ensure everyone is on time or anything else, a simpler, more efficient option is always welcome and who better to offer this than Apple, the geniuses behind the art of simplicity itself! You have heard of a little thing called Family Setup, and once again we’re here to show you how to embrace this, simplified of course.


One Big, Happy Connected Family

Apple Setup

It’s a Set-Up

We can’t praise the Apple Watch or iOS14 enough, but now our opinion has risen to new heights with the fact that you can actually set one up for one of your family members to stay in touch even if they don’t have an iPhone! Whether it’s your child who’s too young to own an iPhone or a family member that prefers an Android device, Apple’s Family Setup allows them to stay in touch easily if they have an Apple Watch. We’re not surprised with this feature though as even the most ardent Android users cannot resist the allure of the Apple Watch and now with Apple’s Family Setup an iPhone isn’t necessary to enjoy what the Apple Watch can offer.


Apple Watch Family Set Up

Get Connected

Apple has explained the process in full detail on their website, but we’re here to make it even simpler. To begin, ensure you have a Cellular Apple Watch from Series 4 onwards running watchOS 7 or above, an iPhone 6s or above that’s updated to iOS14, Apple IDs for you and the person you’re setting it up for, and a Family Sharing Setup. Make sure you have two-factor authentication turned on and are the organiser/Parent guardian in the Family Sharing Setup.


Apple Family Sharing

Share the Love

If you haven’t set up Family Sharing, it’s extremely simple as outlined on Apple’s website. Just go to Settings then select your name, select Family Sharing then you can start sending invitations to everybody who’s to be a part of your special little group. If they have an Apple ID, they’re all good to go and they just need to accept the invitation via text message, email or by selecting their name in the settings menu. If you want everyone to have access to purchases, simply switch on Purchase Sharing then confirm you’re happy to shout your family members for their necessary and pointless purchases.

Apple Family Purchases

Watch This Space

Now for the fun part! To connect those in your family that own an Apple Watch without an iPhone simply hold the Apple Watch you wish to connect near your iPhone. A prompt telling you to use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch should appear on your iPhone and if it doesn’t just open the Watch App, select All Watches, Pair New Watch then Set Up for a Family Member. You’ll then need to hold your device over the animation on the Apple Watch until you get a message saying it’s paired. You can also set up a passcode because there’s no such thing as having too much security.



Apple Watch Passcode


Welcome to the Family

It’s now time for your family member to be officially initiated. According to Apple and PCMag, the process is quite simple, just like us. You’ll just need to select the family member you want to add, add their Apple ID, approve purchases then set up all the features that come bundled with an Apple Watch including health, Medical ID, contacts and messages alongside restricting how often your family member can procrastinate on their Apple Watch with a Screen Time passcode and the aptly named Schooltime option.



The Apple Watch is without a doubt, a magnificent device in every possible way and it’s no surprise you’d want to share the love with the members of your family if they don’t own one. It’s always been the perfect companion for your iPhone and now anybody without an iPhone or device can join in on the action, or should we say convenience. For everything to do with Apple keep a watch on our Smart Blogs!

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