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Keep a Watch on The Apple Watch Series 7

smartphonesshop.com.au -  We’re not surprised to see the seventh version of the Apple Watch. Much like the iPhone revolutionised the way we utilised phones, the Apple Watch is very much doing the same, showing that a watch doesn’t just have to tell the time. With the Apple Watch Series 7 available tomorrow, let’s take a look at why this iteration is an improvement in every way.

Watch This Bigger Space

Apple Watch Series 7


Watch This Space For The Seventh Time

The most visible (pun intended) improvement with the Apple Watch Series 7 is its increased display size which we have to admit, may already have us sold. According to Apple, the Apple Watch 7 includes a 20 per cent bigger display than the Apple Watch 6 and a whopping 50 per cent increase over the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple also claims that they’ve been able to increase the screen dimensions without making the overall size of the Apple Watch 7 bigger so you won’t need to worry about your Apple Watch competing with your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s size. Alongside the screen size increase, the Apple Watch Series 7 is brighter indoors by up to seventy per cent and of course, you can easily check your Watch without touching the screen due to the Always-On display. CNN were quite fond of the display size increase and have noted that it is much easier to utilise the on-screen QWERTY keyboard compared to previous models. Bigger is better as they always say.

Apple Watch 7 comparison

Pumping Iron

Let’s be frank, we’re all clumsy but when it involves ruining an expensive device, it’s good to know that whatever you’re investing in won’t literally crack under the pressure. One aspect that’s really impressed us about the Apple Watch Series 7 is that it has been manufactured with durable materials alongside human error in mind. Apple states the Watch Series 7 is “the most durable Apple Watch ever built” with a 50 per cent thicker front crystal compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, which has been rebuilt with a flat base that should be tougher against accidental cracks. CNET was quite impressed when comparing both the Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 plus If you’re the adventurous type you’ll be delighted to hear that the Apple Watch Series 7 includes IP6X dust resistance plus WR50 water resistance, so you won’t need to worry about your Apple Watch on your next outdoor expedition.

Apple Watch Series 7 durability

Watch Your Health

The health-conscious of you are also in for a surprise with the Apple Watch Series 7. According to Apple, you’ll be able to generate an ECG or Electrocardiogram, which to put it in simpler terms is a test that shows any heart conditions and issues that can provide pivotal information to health professionals. All you have to do is just touch the Digital Crown to create an ECG waveform with which a result can be generated in only thirty seconds. It’s a great way to keep you aware of anything wrong with your heart, except heartbreak (lame we know).

The Apple Watch Series 7 unlike how every other screen contributes to your sleep, aims to fix it with the Sleep app. It can measure your respiratory rate while you’re snoring away and offers the option to set a sleep schedule while even tracking how you’ve been sticking to it. It might seem minuscule but can go a long way in ensuring your eyes are away from screens and wide shut instead.

Apple Watch 7 Sleep


The Little Things

It’s easy to argue that the Apple Watch Series 7 may not be revolutionary compared to its predecessor, but it doesn’t need to be as the multitude of convenient features and overall improvements truly cement it as a worthy addition to the Apple Watch line. Features such as how the Apple Watch Series 7 sends you a reminder to start your workout when you begin to pedal on your bicycle alongside even contacting emergency services if you end up falling down. The voice feedback feature as outlined by Apple also really takes the cake (or apple) here, giving you guidance and other vital information so you can stay focused on the road ahead of you. To put it simply, you’ll love the Apple Watch 7!


Apple Watch Series 7 Bike

The Apple Watch Series 7 will without a doubt impress those looking for an upgrade alongside newcomers. It is the perfect complement to your iPhone and once again redefines what to expect out of a watch. If you’re looking to start literally making faces, you can get an Apple Watch Series 7 41mm on a Vodafone plan for only $20.80 per month over 36 months for a total of $749, or an Apple Watch Series 7 45mm for $22.19 per month over 36 months with a total of $799. Both require existing Vodafone mobile plans and are available from our stores. In the meantime, keep a watchful eye on our smart blogs and check out our Apple Watch Series 7 41mm and Apple Watch Series 7 45mm accessories!

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