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Buying Now & Paying Later With Afterpay

Remember the time you looked at that brand spanking new iPhone in-store and realised it was way out of your budget? With Afterpay, it looks like those days may finally be over as the buy now, pay later craze continues to grow. Even we’ve jumped onto the bandwagon, with accessories and outright devices all available on Afterpay. As more stores today offer Afterpay, you might ask how it  works plus how it compares to other options such as ZipPay and Klarna.  Let’s take a quick look below at how you can buy now, pay later with Afterpay.

How Afterpay Works


Pay You Later

You're in town for an upgrade for that aging phone of yours and come across a renewed device which captivates you like no other. You glance back at the screen of your Alcatel and realise it'll be quite a while before you can afford to upgrade. Not so with Afterpay! Being stuck with a laggy device that takes far too long to open an SMS or webpage is a predicament nobody should have to live with, and with Afterpay you can grab that iPhone 11 Pro Max now and shell out the cash later. As more places embrace this phenomenon, it's hard not to notice the bright mint green Afterpay posters wherever you go, whether it's at your local shopping centre or website banners when purchasing online. It's time to accept that this new trend is here to stay, and can be a very useful manner of getting quicker and easier access to a long-awaited upgrade. Also, with our range of  renewed devices available on Afterpay, you'll be going green in two ways!


To get straight into the details on how it works according to Afterpay themselves when looking to upgrade your aging iPhone 6 to an iPhone 12 Pro when you've decided that you can no longer live in the past, you can simply make your first payment for that futuristic flagship with the rest being paid over six weeks. As long as payments are being made on time, you won't incur any fees at all. Think of it this way, rather than saving up and penny-pinching for a phone that can keep up with your demanding life, with Afterpay you'll be able to grab it now and pay it off gradually. Either way, interest and monthly fees are also something you won’t need to worry about with Afterpay, plus your maximum spend begins at $600 and can increase provided you aren’t irresponsible with your spending. It truly is a fantastic initiative especially when you need a new device yet don't want to wait until you've accumulated enough for it. You can even protect it now and worry about paying it off later, and it sure beats waiting weeks or even months saving up, right?


Buy Phone And Pay Later With Afterpay

Straight To The Bank

There's nothing worse than fiddling around with a device that overcomplicates everything. If anything, it's one of the reasons the iPhone is so beloved today. Now If you're worried that using Afterpay will stressful to use just like a laggy phone, you'll be pleased to know that it's effective and simple just like us! Whether you're addicted to online shopping or prefer the allure of a brick and mortar store, you'll find it easier than ever to grab that flagship now while paying it off later. For online shopping, assuming the store accepts Afterpay you'll simply need to select the option to checkout using Afterpay on the checkout/cart page. It doesn't just extend to online shopping as you've probably realised by now that even your favourite store has a bright splash of green at the front. When shopping in-store you can simply download the app which will allow access to an Afterpay card compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay for a contactless payment. As Afterpay's website states, you'll take your item home on the same day and only pay 25% at the time of your purchase! When we said the process would be simple we weren't kidding, and to make it even easier to see which stores accept Afterpay check out the directory here! (As a reminder, we're also on it).


Afterpay - Straight to the Bank


Decisions, Decisions

Much like we're spoiled every year when the time comes for an upgrade, Afterpay isn't the only option for paying off your purchases later, but how does it compare to its competitors? Finty has provided a fantastic comparison outlining the differences alongside ZipPay and Klarna. To simplify it which has always been our goal in everything we do, with Afterpay you can expect a spending limit that goes up to $1,500 which is perfectly inline with today's flagship smartphone prices. With ZipPay it maxes out at $1000, allowing you to grab the Google Pixel 6 which we'd consider to be a stellar offering! Klarna on the other hand doesn’t limit you but relies on your credit check to determine how much can be spent, so that Galaxy S22 won't be out of reach as long as you don't have unpaid bills and a poor credit score.

While Afterpay doesn't include account fees, ZipPay has a $7.95 per month charge if you have any unpaid balances. Klarna won't incur an account fee as well but does charge transaction fees. If you're wondering how you'll be paying off that beautiful Oppo Find X3 Pro on Afterpay & Klarna, four payments will be required over six weeks. ZipPay doesn’t mandate payments in the same way, although a $40 minimum per month will need to be paid. It’s also important to be mindful of late fees as well including those for Klarna and ZipPay!

Afterpay - Shop Now & Pay Later


The buy now, pay later craze continues to grow and with Afterpay offering a simple way to easily purchase items over instalments, it’s no wonder it continues to grow in popularity! Rather than waiting until you have saved up enough for that iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 Ultra, with Afterpay you can phone home today and worry about paying it off later. To protect your device now and pay later plus a 10% discount, check out our full range of accessories here. Also, check us out on Afterpay day between the 17th to 20th of March for 30% off!

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