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Glow & Behold: All The Reveals from Apple's WWDC21!

smartphonesshop.com.au -  There’s always plenty to be excited about with every Apple conference, and we have to say with this year’s iteration of WWDC, we just can’t get enough of Apple and their innovations. While hardware reveals are still yet to come this year, WWDC has always been about the software that powers our nifty Apple devices while giving us a taste of the future. iOS 14 changed what we could expect from iOS updates, and once again iOS 15 looks to raise that bar once again. From its compatibility with all iPhones starting from the iPhone 6s, to the multitude of improvements, Check out the power of iOS 15 plus all the announcements below to see how Apple plans to rock our worlds once again alongside a handy recap video of WWDC21 from CNET:

Face The Music

FaceTime has become such an integral part of our lives that you’ll find many Android users accidentally referring to video calls as FaceTiming! As part of iOS 15’s plethora of improvements and features, the new features coming to FaceTime really take the cake here. As outlined by Apple themselves, FaceTime in iOS 15 will feel more natural and immersive than ever before with spatial audio and portrait mode, to make you forget that your conversation is happening behind a screen. Portrait mode will even allow you to blur the environment around you during FaceTime ensuring the focus is only on you and your contact! In a time when most of our lives are mostly spent behind a screen which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic, this looks to be a literal game-changer.

Share The Love

When you come across a tune you can’t stop humming or a hilarious video that could easily cheer you up on your worst days, the first thing that comes to mind is to share it. Now, Apple has introduced SharePlay, a feature that according to The Verge will allow everybody on a FaceTime call with you to view or listen to the content you share! It can easily be done by utilising Picture in Picture on the same call or just by casting to your Apple TV. Now you’ll be able to jam to your favourite tunes together on FaceTime and even watch your favourite series plus videos wherever you are. Already TikTok, Disney+ and Twitch are beginning to incorporate SharePlay with many more to come so if you’re ever in the mood to watch a film with your friends but meeting up is out of the question, now there’s no excuse!


Sharing the love doesn't just end there as Apple wants everyone that doesn’t own an iPhone to enjoy FaceTime as well, as links can be shared so that Android and PC users can jump on a FaceTime call from their preferred device! Perhaps now it won’t be considered a mistake anymore when Android users refer to video calls as FaceTime...


Stay Focused

As we previously reported, iOS 15 brings Apple's much awaited focused notifications. You can expect detailed customisation and settings for certain environments, as outlined by Gizmodo. If you’d only like to receive messages while at the gym or emails while at home, you can select pre-set settings or create your own, ensuring you can stay focused wherever you may be. These settings are also ideal for when you just want to completely tune out of the world yet want to stay somewhat connected.




Beautiful AI

Ever wanted to easily copy and share the text from an image on your iPhone? Live Text is here to save the day, allowing you to easily select text from an image with the power of AI. TechCrunch have summarised just how easy it is to utilise this feature on iOS 15, as text can be easily copied from an image of a whiteboard and shared. The days of sharing poor images of meeting notes and whiteboard text are finally over, which will be especially handy if you have to deal with anybody that has the handwriting of a doctor.



Map in Your Wallet

iOS 15 also aims to make Apple Wallet and maps more efficient than ever before. This time, Apple Wants their Wallet App to completely replace your physical wallet by adding the ability to lock your house and even upload your ID as reported by CNET. Your digital ID won’t just be limited for your daily activities as Apple is working on making it sufficient enough for airport security. Looks like we may be throwing out our wallets soon…


Apple Maps has also been beefed up in iOS 15 as well with more details, elevation and usability, plus the ability to scan your surroundings and receive directions if you are ever lost, or to put it in simpler terms no more fiddling with poor GPS signals and apps.

Total Control

Apple doesn’t just want iPhone users to have all the fun, as they’ve introduced MacOS Monterey, the newest OS for Mac. According to Ars Technica, MacOS Monterey will allow easy integration across your iPad and Mac with its Universal Control feature. You’ll be able to use one keyboard across both your devices and easily jump between them, similar to a dual-monitor setup. There’s also the ability to AirPlay videos and music from an iPhone or iPad to your Mac as well!


Safari also gets a nice facelift in MacOS Monterey, with an easier way to group tabs alongside a cleaner, simpler presentation that makes web browsing more visually appealing. Those of you with a million tabs open will find plenty to love about this new update we presume.



Your AirPods Max will be easier to find and help you hear better with iOS 15. As outlined by Cult of Mac, Conversation Boost will assist those with mild hearing problems and also help block out ambient noise to make it easier to focus and hear the conversation. It also makes AirPods a viable gift for your grandparents, and if they ever lose them, the Find My Network app can sense their location and provide a last seen status if they happen to be forgotten somewhere.



iPadOS: 15th Edition

Last but not least, iPadOS 15 is getting a visual makeover as well! TechRadar have reported the new features we’ll be getting with iPadOS 15, as the ability to add widgets anywhere is already looking to be the most exciting one. There’s also an App Library which makes it easier to sort and manage your humongous list of applications, plus the Notes App will see much needed improvements such as being able to write notes while other apps are open, insert tags alongside revision histories. If you have any of the following iPads, you can expect to be blown away by iPadOS 15 soon:

  • iPad Pro 2015, iPad Pro 2017, iPad Pro 2018, iPad Pro 2020/2021
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3 & iPad Air 4
  • iPad 2017, iPad 2018,  iPad 2019 & iPad 2020
  • iPad Mini 2015 & iPad Mini 2019


Once again, this year’s WWDC has shown just how much Apple wants to make their devices accessible and innovative for all. If anything, we already can’t wait for WWDC22! As we always say, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs for everything Apple!

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