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Found at Last: The Oppo Find X3 Series Finally Revealed

smartphonesshop.com.au - It has been an agonising wait for the reveal, but we’ve finally found (pun intended) ourselves looking at how Oppo wants to revolutionise the smartphone industry with its Find X3 Series. Hot on the heels of the Galaxy S21, the Find X3 series shows that Oppo is a serious contender in the smartphone ring (pun intended again). Before we get into how the Find X3 Series will blow you away, check out the recap of the reveal from Oppo themselves plus a spec comparison courtesy of Talk Android:


I Will Find You

The main star of the Show, the Oppo Find X3 Pro brings a lot to the table, enough to make Samsung sit up and take notice. There’s an eye-popping QHD+ 3216 x 1440 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a buttery smooth 120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate, up to 240Hz Touch Sampling, HDR10+ for lifelike colours combined with a display that can show 1 billion colours. Yes, 1 billion! The Find X3 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 888 Octa-core with 12GB of RAM, which should provide a lag-free experience and please even the most ardent gamers. In other words, whatever you do with your Find X3 Pro, whether it’s streaming, vlogging or gaming, the Find X3 Pro will provide you with a silky-smooth experience that’s enough to rival Samsung and Apple. There's a feature though that truly blows the Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max out of the water, and that's the TÜV safety-certified 65W SuperVOOC Flash Charge which Oppo claims can charge the Find X3 Pro to 40% in 10 minutes, with Android Authority reporting the Find X3 Pro only took around 35 minutes to fully charge!


For those of you obsessed with photography, the Find X3 Pro will capture your heart and Instagram-worthy food shots with its two 50MP Ultra-wide/Wide cameras, a 60x zoom Microlens for those shots that require extra detail and a Telephoto lens, ensuring your Instagram feed will be filled with high-quality images you can look back on fondly years later. There’s also a Hollywood- inspired Cinematic Mode that turns your home videos into epic films alongside Expert Mode, which allows you to capture RawPlus images that are truly breathtaking. Oppo is clearly aiming for the future and the red carpet with its space-aesthetic design that makes the Oppo Find X3 Pro look like a smartphone you’d expect to see in a sci-fi flick and to take things to the stars somewhat literally, they’ve even teamed up with legendary Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer to create custom sound effects and ringtones for the Find X3 Pro! An alarm tone created by the composer of Interstellar? Sign us up!



Neo You Are The One

Continuing on from last year’s tradition, the Find X3 Series includes a Neo variant, which aims to be the middle ground between the gargantuan power of the Pro and the compact yet powerful package the Lite variant offers. Offering a reduced yet still smooth 90Hz refresh rate alongside a 2400 x 1080 resolution on an OLED screen, the Find X3 Neo is the perfect balance of power and value. There’s a solid Snapdragon 865 chip and a respectable 8GB of RAM included that’s powerful enough to fuel your intense social media, streaming and gaming sessions. Those of you worried about camera compromises will be relieved to hear that the Find X3 Neo will include a 50MP main camera, a 32MP Selfie camera, a 16MP Ultra-wide camera for those group shots and a Macro camera for those intricate details. The Find X3 Neo doesn’t just offer impressive camera specs for the snap-happy, as there’s Ultra Night Video and Live HDR, ensuring a lack of light won’t get in the way of an expertly crafted video. The Dual-view video feature is also plenty to phone home about, allowing you to use both the selfie and back cameras to record at the same time! Also for those of you who struggle to take that perfect image, the AI Scene Enhancement and Focus Tracking allow you to properly hone your photographic skills. With the amount of value and features it offers, The Find X3 Neo is truly the one!

Lite at The End of The Tunnel

At the end of the Find X3 Series, comes the small but mighty Find X3 Lite. As we saw last year with the Oppo Find X2 Lite, the Find X3 Series manages to give that flagship device feel at a reasonable price. Similar to the Oppo Find X3 Neo, there’s a 2400 x 1080 resolution on an OLED screen with 8GB of RAM. Included is the Snapdragon 765G, a chip that’s also in the LG Velvet and Pixel 5. It may lack a Telephoto lens but it makes up for that by offering a 64MP Main camera, while still offering an Ultra-wide, Mono and Macro camera. It’s quite noteworthy how the Oppo Find X3 Pro manages to be the “Lite” version yet feels like the complete OPPOsite! (See what we did there?)

If there’s anything that the Oppo Find X3 Series shows, it’s that Oppo has truly begun to emerge as a serious threat to both Samsung and Apple. At this rate, don’t be surprised if you see the same fanboyism that is prevalent amongst Apple and Samsung Users from Oppo owners! For everything to do with the latest Oppo models, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs for the next OPPOtunity to be blown away.

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