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Change Your Voice! Voicemod Is Now Available On iOS and Android

smartphonesshop.com.au - While there are heaps of voice changing apps available, none have come close to the experience that Voicemod provides. Whether it's changing your voice to fool your online friends or playing pranks over the phone to unsuspecting family members, Voicemod can provide countless hours of entertainment, with many videos on Youtube demonstrating just how versatile the software is. It’s the reason why we’re extremely excited about the news that Voicemod is now finally available for iOS and Android! 


Luke, I Am Your Father

Voicemod rose to fame as one of the most popular types of voice changing software on PC for a very good reason, it’s accessibility, making it easy to change your voice and share clips of your comedic or cringe-worthy exploits. With its availability on iOS and Android, especially during this pandemic where heaps of people have more time on their hands than ever, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner prankster.

The Verge reports that Voicemod for iOS and Android will easily allow you to record sixty-second audio or video clips, adding a voice filter on top from a rotating list of choices such as the mighty Darth Vader, or even a braindead zombie. You’re also able to share your ridiculous clips to social media, that way the entire world can see how quarantine is bringing out your inner kid as The Verge demonstrates in the image below:  

Everything Sounds Better With Autotune

What we believe is the most noteworthy feature of Voicemod with this reveal, is that they have teamed up with the undisputed king of autotune himself, T-Pain! The Verge also reports that T-Pain was originally a big fan of Voicemod on the PC, and was more than happy to have been contacted by them. You know your voice changing software is fantastic when Mr Autotune himself endorses it! With Voicemod on iOS and Android, you’ll have the option to add T-Pain’s autotunes to your recordings, turning every sentence into a potential hip-hop hit. We’re actually recording this blog in his voice as we type it up and we’re confident we may have a number one hit on our hands.

Original Prankster

So how does Voicemod actually work you ask? According to Voicebot.Ai, the software uses artificial intelligence alongside digital signal processing, which overlays a different sound to your voice and has of course, hilarious results as we’ve seen. Downloading the app shows that there are no ads or videos you’ll have to watch (thankfully), but with the rotating voices, we do suspect a premium version to be in the works, especially since the version for PC has a premium option to unlock all voices, whereas the free version has seven rotating voices. Judging from how much fun Voicemod is, we’d gladly shell out for the paid version and besides, grandma still hasn’t caught on that it’s us doing those silly impersonations over the phone.


We’ve always welcomed any type of app or software that allows us to bring out our cheeky side, which is why Voicemod’s expansion to iOS and Android is certainly going to make social media much more interesting. Stay tuned to our blog for more information and leaks as they come!

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