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Black Christmas: How To Bag A bargain & Take The Stress Out Of Gifting!

smartphonesshop.com.au - We all know that feeling, where you’re trying to find the perfect gift and get overwhelmed by worries you’ll give the wrong present and make yourself look bad. Black Friday and Christmas shopping is always a handful, but does it really need to be that difficult? Once again we’re here to simplify everything, that way you can easily bag a Black Friday or Christmas bargain this year and feel relieved. Either way, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or somebody else, check out great gifts you can bag at a bargain below.

Black Christmas Bargains

The Perfect Black Friday/Christmas Gift

AirPods without The AirPods Price

There’s nothing like a good pair of headphones to get you through a long train ride and when racking up that millionth view for your favourite song on YouTube. A good pair of headphones though don’t usually come cheap especially if they happen to be free from wires. In our infinite quest to make things simpler for all, we’ve found the perfect balance between affordability and fantastic audio quality. The Baseus W04 True Wireless Headphones not only happen to look like AirPods but can provide a similar audio experience with a price your wallet will definitely approve of. There’s a respectable 3-5 hours of battery life with the case holding 20-25 hours of extra charge, ensuring you’ve got more than enough juice for the day. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, or an ideal way for you to replace those aging wired headphones.

For: Anybody who loves everything about AirPods except the price.

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/products/baseus-w04-true-wireless-earphones


Fully Charged

These days, your smartphone isn’t the only device you’ll need to have charged before you leave the house. Now you’ve got AirPods and even an Apple Watch to contend with. It’d be quite annoying having to individually locate each of your chargers to keep your devices topped up, right? Well, it’s time to make things easier than ever with this convenient 3 in 1 Charger that gives you one easy place to charge everything. Rather than running around frantically trying to find all of your chargers, this slick and convenient charger dock allows you to easily place your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch for a simultaneous charge. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for that person in your life always complaining about lost cables, or for you if you’re ready to make your life simpler.

For: Practically anybody that needs more simplicity, from Mum, Dad etc.

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/products/3-in-1-wireless-charging-stand

3 in 1 Charge

Built Like A Tank

It’s impossible to completely disconnect from our smartphones, even when on the road. As we all know, using your device while driving brings many risks from accidents, fines and even lost demerit points. Whether you rely on your device on the road or maybe you just can’t completely go off the grid for a while, a sufficient car mount is absolutely necessary. The Baseus Tank Gravity Car Mount as the name implies is built like a tank. Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you can’t deny it’s a winner in the strength and looks department. It includes a suction cup plus multi-angle adjustment alongside 360 degrees of rotation for your device. It’s perfect for keeping your device safe and secure on the road plus you’ll even find it ideal for ensuring you don’t lose your license. It’s a gift that nobody can really fault, and if it is for you, you’ll thank yourself later when taking into consideration all the accidents plus fines you would have potentially avoided.

For: It’s the perfect gift for anybody with a car.

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/car-mounts/products/baseus-tank-gravity-car-mount-holder-with-suction-base-tarnish-black

Baseus Tank Mount

Pump Up The Jam

No party is complete without the right soundtrack. Rather than going through the trouble of setting up a sound system, there are easier ways to get those tunes pumping and heads bopping the next time everybody’s together. The Divoom Macchiato Portable Radio Bluetooth Speaker is a simple and portable method of ensuring your next gathering has a playlist. It’s got six hours of playtime which should be more than enough for the most dedicated party animal while providing crystal clear and beefy audio loud enough for any occasion. You can never fault someone for stuffing your stocking this Christmas with a Bluetooth speaker and this Black Friday, it’s the perfect time to take your party game or somebody else's to the next level!

For: Your party animal friend.

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/bluetooth-speakers/products/divoom-macchiato-protable-radio-bluetooth-speaker-black

Divoom Speaker

Broadcast Yourself

It’s a jungle out there in the social media game. The right personality combined with proper equipment is necessary to survive in this cut-throat environment. If you’ve got a friend or sibling that’s obsessed with vlogging or wants to make sure all their shots are Insta-worthy, then a Selfie Ring is practically what they are asking for. With multiple light settings and a strong mount to keep their device in place, it’ll keep their follower list hopefully high and shows you’re actually trying when it comes to gifts. You might be able to even complement this with a follow of their social media accounts! (If you don’t already)

For: That obsessed vlogger in your life

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/selfie-lights

Selfie Light

The Good, The Band & The Ugly

This Black Friday/Christmas, we believe you should give the gift of strapping it on. Now if your mind isn’t in the gutter, you would have known we’re referring to our extensive range of Apple Watch Bands. It’s such a simple gift yet remains extremely popular with Milanese, Silicone and Steel bands catering towards all types of preferences. It’s the perfect way to properly personalise an Apple Watch and If anything, it’s the gift to give when you’re strapped on what to get (just make sure whoever you’re giving it to has an Apple Watch).

For: Anybody with an Apple Watch.

Buy Here: https://smartphonesshop.com.au/collections/apple-watch-bands

Milanese Band


Whatever you’re looking to gift this Black Christmas as we’re calling it, you’re bound to find something within our extensive range. We know that gift shopping can be extremely stressful, but as we said previously it doesn't have to be. For everything to do with accessories, keep a watchful eye on our Smart Blogs!

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