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Behold: The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 Rumour Roundup!

smartphonesshop.com.au -  It felt like it was only yesterday we were going on about Apple’s last WorldWide Developers Conference. Now, we’re set to be dazzled once again with various reveals looking to rock our world once again. While we’re still amazed by Apple’s Spring Loaded event not too long ago, it looks like they’re not done blowing our minds. Let’s see what to potentially expect from this year’s WWDC!



iOS: Part 15

It doesn’t take much to guess that iOS15 will undoubtedly make an appearance at this year’s WWDC, and the rumours surrounding it so far only make the anticipation for this event even stronger! As always, rumours have found themselves into the wild, with the always helpful MacRumors reporting on the latest gossip such as iOS15 including updates to iMessage, Dark Mode, plus notification preferences which will include options such as sleeping and driving so you won’t have to worry about notifications sounding off when you’d rather not be distracted by them. There’s also expanded Memoji customization and even a Background Sounds addition, which has been confirmed by Apple! You’re probably intrigued and confused at what that is, but if you’ve ever played ambient sounds, white noise or even sounds of rain while you’re trying to study or get some shut-eye, then you’ll already be familiar with the concept! Background Sounds will play bright noise and other types of audio to keep you focused on whatever you are doing to help block out external noise and distractions, so you can stay focused with the sounds of rain or the ocean as you cram for that exam or finish off that assignment. It's also worth noting that iOS15 is reported not to support the iPhone 6, 6s and first generation iPhone SE, so if you haven't upgraded yet now's the perfect time!



Perhaps the most important rumour for iOS15, once again reported by MacRumors is the one where it is purported to add a new menu detailing all the data that the apps you’ve downloaded are accumulating about you. It’s an ingenious feature and in a time where privacy is more paramount than ever, comes across as a gesture that will no doubt increase trust towards Apple. We can already hear Mark Zuckerberg panicking!


iPhone Privacy

iPadOS: Chapter 15

The iPhone won’t be the only one with new software to show off, as iPadOS15 is also rumoured to make an appearance at WWDC21. According to Pocket-lint, iPadOS15 will bring a major overhaul to the iPad home and lock screen, while also allowing widgets to be placed anywhere on the screen. The notification preferences for sleeping, working and other activities alongside the privacy menu from iOS15 may also appear in iPadOS15. If these rumours turn out to be true, we may very well see the biggest improvement to iPadOS in years, and it’s great to see more inspiration being taken from iOS. In the meantime, check out these impressive iPadOS15 concepts from Parker Ortalani.




Watch This Space

While details may be sparse about WatchOS8, based on previous information provided by Apple alongside speculation, it may not be too difficult to predict what we may see from it. Tom’s Guide has stated that we could see mental health features in WatchOS8 due to leakers confirming that Apple is integrating into the Apple Watch the ability for it to warn its wearer for stress and panic attacks. As the title states, watch this space for more information as it leaks plus check out this WatchOS8 concept courtesy of 9to5Mac and Matt Bircher!


Apple Watch


Seeing Stars

Virtual and Augmented Reality are all the rage these days. There’s something amazing about stepping into a new world when you slip on a pair of VR goggles or use an AR app on your device. Apple has been paying attention to this trend and are reportedly planning to reveal the Apple Glasses or Apple Glass as our friend Jon Prosser has leaked. If you’ve been reading our Apple articles, you would have realised by now that it’s impossible to write one up without referencing the legendary Jon Prosser which is exactly what we’re going to do. According to him, we’ll be seeing Apple’s closely guarded AR/VR glasses soon at a price of $499 US. They’re made to complement your iPhone similar to the Apple Watch and will have all their data processed on it. He also states an announcement should be between Q4 2021-Q1 2022, but others websites such as CNET are actually speculating we’ll see them at WWDC21, due to Apple’s tendency to leave clues in their promos and the fact that one of the Memojis in them is wearing glasses that are reflecting software elements!


Prosser claims to have seen a prototype and also says that they’ll include LiDAR on the right temple but will not include cameras due to Apple’s stance on privacy. It’s an extremely wise decision if true, especially due to the Google Glass debacle years ago which saw a massive backlash towards Google’s AR glasses due to their camera capabilities while even coining a new term called “glasshole.” Prosser states we can expect them to include wireless charging with a UI called “Starboard”. Consider us insanely excited.


I’ll Be Mac

The rumours don’t just end there, as stated by 9to5Mac and of course Jon Prosser, Apple may announce a new MacBook at WWDC21! It’s speculated by 9to5Mac that we’ll see an improved mini-LED display, the inclusion of Apple Silicon plus the return of a HDMI port, MagSafe and a slot for an SD Card. It’s also possible we may see a thinner design with 14 and 16-inch variants, plus the beloved “MacBook Pro” logo is also reported to be removed. With the Memojis in the promos for WWDC21 using MacBooks, perhaps it’s already been confirmed!

WWCD21 Poster


If you're already gearing up for WWDC21 like us, you'll know well enough by now that whatever Apple has in store for us is only going to make this year better. We're still on the edge of our seats for an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s reveal but for now, keep an eye on our Smart Blogs for all the leaks as they come!

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