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5 Smart Tips To Protect Your Smartphone From COVID-19 

Smartphonesshop.com.auNow with COVID-19 on the loose, suddenly the world has become more conscious about germs. It’s unfortunate that it’s taken a pandemic to realise this, but we want you to visualize the next sentence: The device you spend most of your day on (or should we say life) has an average of 10 times more germs than a toilet seat and with the average person checking their phone around 80 times per day, we should all be a little concerned.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we thought we’d try and do our part to help reduce the amount of germs being transmitted from one human to another. Be aware, just don’t panic, seriously! You can rest assured we have a few handy tips below that can help reduce those filthy germs from your trusty smartphone.

1. Don’t Swipe and Wipe.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the many years of handling phones is that they are germ magnets. Whether it’s bacteria, mold or COVID-19, we’ve seen tons of phones that have attracted more germs than toilet paper hoarders in a supermarket. With the virus spreading rapidly, it’s important to understand how to limit your spread of germs. Studies have shown that part of the cocktail of bacteria on the average smartphone has even included fecal matter, so if you’re one of those people who toilet browses please reconsider your life choices. Don't swipe and wipe!

2. Change Your Screen Guard and Case On A Regular Basis.

But my phone has a screen protector and a case! I’ll be fine you say, right? Wrong. Mold and all sorts of bacteria can build up over time, think of them as socks and shoes for your smartphone, giving COVID-19 the opportunity to survive up to 96 hours on your device. While we admire your common sense in protecting your beloved device, we don’t admire a dirty old phone case or screen protector, especially not in today’s world.

3. Invest in Wireless Headphones, Earbuds or Airpods and Keep Your Phone Away From Your Face.

Now that you know exactly how filthy your smartphone can get, we highly recommend keeping it away from your face. Especially considering most of us rub our devices and hands up against our cheeks, ears and lips during phone calls. Surely there’s means of getting around that right? Of course, there is! Plus, we’re here to shamelessly pitch the products you can use to keep that germ riddled device away from your face. The move towards wireless, while awesome in its own right, does wonders for avoiding phone to face contact. AirPods, wireless earbuds and even wireless headphones can all help limit the amount of germs spreading around your face. So let’s “face” the facts and make the switch to wireless.

4. Come In Store and Get Your Smartphone Disinfected - ASAP!

Now for the most obvious method, which is cleaning your phone, screen guard and cover itself. Before you ask what the big players are saying, Apple has stated on its website that Clorox disinfectant wipes and 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipes should be good to clean your iPhone. Samsung and Google have also released similar statements. You should take care when cleaning or applying liquid on your phone, but if you screw it up, we’re here to repair your phone and even disinfect it for you.

5. Make A Difference.


So, you’re also thinking, what’s our response to COVID-19? Firstly, all team members will be handling all devices using disposable gloves. We’ll also be setting up smartphone disinfection stations across all of our stores, where you’ll be able to get your phone professionally disinfected, free of charge. As well as disinfecting our stores daily with hospital-grade disinfectant. We’re in the business of keeping it simple, and during this COVID-19 Pandemic, something as simple as keeping your smartphone germ free can make a big difference. 

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