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Ready For Action: Why You'll Love Our Renewed Devices

smartphonesshop.com.au - As we’ve seen over time, there’s always been a market for second-hand tech. The opportunity to get last year’s flagship at a cheaper price is simply irresistible to many of us. Throw in some warranty plus even the option to return the device if you aren’t satisfied and you’ve got a recipe for an absolute winner. Also, did we mention that we now offer refurbished devices with these exact options? Check out below exactly why a renewed device will allow you to upgrade with a downgraded price.


Ready For Action: Why You'll Love Our Renewed Devices


S20 Renewed

Renewed & Ready For Action

We all know the familiar yet fantastic feeling of purchasing a brand new device, from unboxing it to the somewhat tedious process of transferring all your data over. But with any new device there’s always the feeling you may have paid too much or worries that you’re stuck with it if you aren’t fond of it. A renewed device not only makes your wallet happier, but if for whatever reason it isn’t up to your standards, there’s a 120 day exchange policy as well!


S10 Renewed


Perfect Performance

Another aspect many wonder about refurbished devices is if they’ll be able to perform at the speeds that a new device would. We’re happy to answer that question with a big resounding yes! With our outright devices, you’ll find it just as snappy and powerful as a brand new version would be. In fact you may even forget it’s refurbished!


The Green Team

According to Clean Up, the increase in E-waste causes environmental problems and can also affect our health, as chemicals including lead allongside mercury from devices seep into soil and water, affecting animals as well. With our outright devices, you’ll be upgrading your device while downgrading your carbon footprint. While it’s hard to resist the allure of a new device, there’s no denying that our obsession with having the latest phone, television etc has truly taken a toll on the environment, so with a renewed device not only will you be satisfying that urge to get an upgrade, but the environment and even your wallet will be much happier!


E Waste Phones


Variety is the spice of life

If the thought of a renewed device brings images of older phones on their last legs, we’re here to prove you wrong. There’s a fantastic variety of renewed devices waiting for a new home (or pocket). From the iPhone 12, 11 & X Series to even Galaxy Note & S Series devices, you’re bound to find a great device at a bargain price.Those preferring an older phone that still performs at its peak will also find iPhone 8, Galaxy S10 and Note 8 devices ready to make you do your bit for the environment while still satisfying that urge for an upgrade. What more could you possibly want?

iPhone XR


What's The Condition?

As with any preloved product, the first question that comes to mind is its condition. In our never-ending quest to make things simpler (it’s literally in our motto), Our devices are rated as Excellent, As New, and Very Good. For those that want a device that’s practically brand new without the flagship price as the name implies the As New option is where it’s at. Expect a greater bargain with Excellent and Very Good with minor scratches or scuffs that may or not be visible. With two years of warranty as well, you could say you’re completely covered!

iPhone 8 Plus

If you’re in the market for a new device, you don't have to shell out an arm and a leg for something that’s adequate or even a flagship. While me may never want to stop upgrading, your wallet and the environment can only take so much. With two years of warranty and 120 day exchanges as we like to say, it’s made simple.


Upgrade Sustainably Now!


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