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Top 5 iPhone X & XS Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a faithful Apple fan or newly-converted user, there’s plenty to get familiar with when it comes to the latest iPhone. Tim Cook and his team have removed the home button and added a tonne of new features.

We’re going to seriously enhance your user experience. We’ve compiled a list of 5 iPhone tips and tricks and have left out any obvious and unnecessary information. Continue reading to find out what we’re on about.

Tip #1: Use landscape mode to improve productivity

Multi-tasking has been around for quite a while. Though, we feel like most phones don’t allow users to make the most of their experience with this feature.

Thanks to the iPhones great screen size and lack of home button, you can have two apps working side-by-side. For example, open the calendar and notes if you want to organise yourself and take notes simultaneously.

This feature is best supported by the iPhone XS Max. Supported apps include Files, iMessage, Mail, Notes and Reminders. Though, you can download the third-party app, Split Screen from the App Store.

Tip #2: Shoot photos in RAW

Apple’s latest flagship has amazing photography capabilities, as you’d expect with two lenses. Make sure you’re using the camera to its full potential by shooting photos in RAW.

Cameras provide two main formats in which photographs can be taken: JPEG and RAW. The former is often the default setting and is familiar to just about everyone that’s ever used a computer. The latter we’ll get into in a second.

JPEG (also referred to as JPG) is a universally agreed to file format that can be viewed across all devices. Another upside is that JPEG photos don’t take up much space. The downside, however, is that this is a compressed file format meaning that picture quality is reduced.

RAW file format photos are uncompressed photos where ALL the data in the photo is saved. The downside one photo can be about 25mb! The upside, however, is that editing capabilities are endless. This article goes into depth about the RAW file format and why its superior to shooting photos using the JPEG format.

Tip #3: Edit focus on portrait shots

Smartphones have done a great job at catching up to traditional cameras when it comes to photography, and portrait photography is a great example.

The ideal portrait photo features a shallow depth of field, in focus foreground and blurred background. To achieve this effect with a DSLR camera, you will ideally need a 50mm lens capable of a really wide aperture i.e. f/1.8.

On the other hand, with the new iPhone, you just need to know how to shoot and edit the photo. Simply take a portrait shot and then open the photo in Photos app and tap on ‘edit’. When you see the focus adjust bar, slide it left or right to adjust the image focus.  

Tip #4: Additional Face ID:

Previously, Apple allowed only a single registry via Face ID. This meant that additional users could have access to your phone iPhone via Touch ID. Now, you are able to setup an ‘Alternative Appearance’ via the Settings menu.

Alternative appearances can be a completely new person or an alternative version of you. The latter sounds a little weird, so allow us to explain. Let’s say you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t want to take your sunglasses off every time you want to access you phone, just set up an alternative Face ID with your sunnies on.

Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, and tap on ‘Set up an Alternative Appearance’. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup an alternative Face ID. Unfortunately, you can’t delete appearances separately. You will have to delete both and start again.

Tip #5: Quick app switch & scroll to top of page

The new iPhone is without a physical home button. This means there are a plethora of new gestures that you will need to get familiar with to compensate.

Two incredibly useful gestures are mentioned in the title above. First, to quickly switch between apps, simply swipe left and right across the bottom of the screen with your thumb.

Apple has also made scrolling back to the top of a page an absolute piece of cake. Just double tap the very top of the screen and you’ll be right back at the top of any webpage.

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