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The differences between AirPods, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro

https://smartphonesshop.com.au/ - Are you listening? Take one AirPod out of your ear. Don’t worry, the song will pause itself. That’s the conversation we’d be having if you were using AirPods. From snake, polyphonic ringtones to touch screens, we’ve seen it all at Smart Phones. If there’s one innovation that has impressed us the most though it’s definitely the Apple AirPods. The natural evolution of EarPods, Apple AirPods have taught us well about the evils of wires. For those of you ready to take the plunge, you’re probably asking, what’s the difference between the different types of AirPods? Are there different types? Did somebody cut off the wires on their EarPods to look cool? Whatever your question, read on to learn more about the various types of AirPods as well as their features.

The differences between AirPods, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro

The OG: Apple AirPods First Generation

On that fateful day on December the 13th 2016, the world changed forever with the release of AirPods 1. The First Generation of AirPods revolutionised what the term wireless meant. Perhaps the most important feature of AirPods apart from having no wires, is that they work independently, so if one of them stops working, the battery runs out or if you lose one, your music or phone call will remain active. Hate how taking out an earphone without pausing a song ruins your flow? The accelerometer in the AirPods will pause your music whenever you have to take one out to face the real world. The simplicity that the AirPods offered when first revealed was unmatched, even when compared to the plethora of knock-offs and imitators.

But what about battery life? If you’re one of those people whose entire life needs a soundtrack, you’ll be pleased with what AirPods can offer. With 5-hour battery life, you can go through your entire playlist without skipping a beat and if you’re concerned about charge times, you’ll be happy to know that charging your AirPods for fifteen minutes gets you three hours of usage. How about Siri? Simple! Tap your AirPods twice to hear her sweet dulcet voice.

AirPods took away all the issues with having to carry a set of wired EarPods that would inevitably get tangled and squashed. Instead, AirPods come with a sleek miniature container that also doubles as a charger that easily fits into your pocket. Now the eternal question, sound quality! You’ll be pleased to know that the smooth, deep and rich sound that EarPods produce is replicated perfectly in AirPods. You’ll hear all the beats as you bop to those east or west coast tunes (we’re not going to start a debate) or that embarrassing bubblegum pop playlist you’ve tried to hide for years. You’ll also find that call quality is improved over EarPods due to the design of the microphone. Let’s not forget the convenience of easily switching between your playlist and a call, all without wires and without dropouts, thanks to Apple’s innovative W1 chip.

The Sequel: AirPods Second Generation:

As with any Apple product, it inevitably proves to be successful and an updated model is eventually released. On the 20th of March 2019, Apple released the successor to its wildly popular AirPods, called.. yep, you guessed it AirPods (well technically they’re referred to as AirPods Second Generation or AirPods 2). So, what are the main differences? Improving on practically everything that its predecessor offered, the Second Generation of AirPods replaced the previous W1 chip with the more powerful H1 chip, which can connect and switch between devices nearly twice as well, alongside providing better wireless connections between devices. The new chip also offers lower latency providing an even smoother wireless experience.


How about the battery you ask? Well, battery life should be about the same as the previous version of AirPods, although Apple claims that AirPods Second Generation (or AirPods 2) offer nearly 50% more talk time, so you can worry less about conserving your battery between your playlist and your contact list. Also, you can bring up Siri in a more human manner by simply saying “Hey Siri” which is much simpler and intuitive unless you have a friend called Siri. As for design, the AirPods Second Generation look exactly the same except for an LED light on the case of the version with
wireless charging.

The Empire Strikes Back: AirPods Pro

First, we were treated to “Pro” versions of iPhones, and now Apple has brought this trend to its beloved AirPods. The most significant upgrade for the AirPods Pro is the one and only, noise cancellation, activated by touching the ridge on the sides which also doubles as a function to skip through your playlist. While battery life remains the same as previous AirPods, A more than notable feature is the IPX4 water resistance certification, which should mean that a walk in the rain or sweat in the gym won’t ruin your precious set of AirPods. With all these improvements, Apple has struck back and shown its rivals that it still knows how to play them at their own game.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro also offers a personalised experience by going as far as to scan the inside of your ears to determine the perfect fit for your ear. The design is much sleeker than previous models with earbuds added this time around. Combine this with the richer and deeper sounds promised by the AirPods Pro, and you have an upgrade that’s worth calling home about (wirelessly of course).

Phone Home (Without Cables)

While at first, it may seem that Apple’s different versions of AirPods are all similar, they have various features differentiating them apart. The best aspect of wireless is truly the simplicity it offers, and in today’s busy world you need the most convenient manner to stay connected.  Whatever your wireless desires are, one thing that we can say though is that regardless of what generation AirPods you have, you’ll learn about the evils of cables and wonder how you ever got by with a pair of wired EarPods.


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