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Check Out The Best Apps for iPhone

smartphonesshop.com.au - If you're the proud owner of an iPhone, there are some apps that by default, should definitely be installed. In this day and age, it's almost impossible to imagine a world without apps and that makes us think, how did we actually get by years ago when our phones only had polyphonic ringtones and we were celebrating that they were finally in colour? When we didn't have the luxury of searching for apps to solve everyday problems? Well now, you're blessed enough to live in an age where there's an app for nearly anything you can think of, so make the most of it by checking out these essential apps for iPhone. There's an app for that, as Apple used to say. 

Safe and Secure

If you're concerned about security we're sure you don't use the same password across multiple platforms. it's easy though, to forget them and a shemozzle if you haven't organised them properly. To prevent that from ever happening, the 1Password app aims to make organising your logins an absolute breeze. From their app store description, the app will store your passwords securely, accessible by one password known only by you, while also allowing you to sign in to other apps and websites with a tap or two. The powerful password generator will allow you to change your passwords and turn them into a hacker's nightmare. Macworld were quite pleased with it, especially the function which allows you to authenticate utilising Touch and Face ID. Those pesky little hackers will truly hate you for using it!


Northern Protection

Whatever your browsing habits are, whether it's online shopping or questionable websites (for research purposes of course), it's important to always use protection. NordVPN gives you the best protection online and is considered by many to be the premier VPN, with mentions from Wired, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Forbes, The Guardian and the BBC according to their website. We can't further emphasise the importance of a VPN, and NordVPN keeps you in the shadows while you surf the web, blocking dangerous websites alongside the ability to change your location and even encrypt your connection on unprotected WiFi! It's especially essential for those of us who spend a significant amount of time shopping online. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this convenient VPN is that it unblocks Netflix and allows you to visit the variants of its website from different countries according to Comparitech! Which basically means that you can watch shows and movies not available in your country! It doesn't just end there though, as NordVPN also removes the geographical restrictions from BBC iPlayer, ABC iView and Hulu! Excuse us, as we catch up on what shows we've missed out on for years.

Outrun The Horde

It's a known fact, adding zombies to anything automatically makes it awesome. With the amount of time we've spent slaying virtual zombies, we'd like to think that we'll be prepared when the inevitable zombie apocalypse eventually happens. But to be ready for that, you've got to be fit! Enter Zombies, Run!, an app that combines the joy of zombies with fitness! From the App Store listing, you'll be immersed into a zombie audio adventure, with daily challenges and a story to follow. You'll be gathering supplies, just like in films plus you'll also hear the hordes alongside your playlist as you run in a desperate struggle for survival. Get away from the zombies, get fit and go home or in other words, you're the star of your very own zombie film! Remember us when the zombies attack...

Special Delivery

During this pandemic with many of us stuck in our homes, the temptation to splurge online has become unbearable. If just like everybody else, you've fallen prey to the online shopping bug, you'll be waiting on quite a few deliveries. Instead of constantly checking the mailbox or the front door in eager anticipation, the Deliveries app makes tracking your package simpler than ever and according to the App Store, will show you a summarised list of packages you’re expecting with delivery dates and a map view included for good measure. There’s also the ability to share shipment details over email, AirDrop and iMessage combined with Apple Watch integration to further sweeten the deal. The pain that comes with waiting for that pair of shoes or smartphone can finally be eased a little!


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

There's no shortage of apps for planning and productivity, but Asana truly stands out as one of the best available. Powerful, yet simple, it's the ideal way to manage a team and workload, while tracking projects alongside making sure they get done on time. Asana’s page on the App Store outlines some very handy features such as being able to track plans and coordinate tasks in one shared space, transcribing voice memos into tasks, the conversion of photos that include whiteboards into tasks while even offering offline access. Asana is beloved by many, with Elissa Hudson, Senior Marketing Manager at Hubspot stating that “If it’s not in Asana it’s not on my radar. Our work has a lot of moving parts and Asana helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks.” We’re don’t think we need any further convincing!

The Essential mention

There's no way we could compile a list of the best apps for iPhone without mentioning Netflix. The app is essential for every user, giving you the chance to continue a marathon of Black Mirror or Money Heist wherever you go. It even even allows you to download your favourite films and shows to your smartphone to watch them offline, certainly handy for those train trips where we can't get a consistent connection. There are also parental controls, useful for any parent that uses their device to keep the kids occupied! There's just no excuse for you not to have this installed on your iPhone and if you can come up with one, we don't want to hear it.


So there you have it, a list of apps essential for any iPhone user. You’d be surprised how these and many other apps can seriously enhance your life while making things simpler, and isn’t that what we all need? There truly is an App for that! For all the latest Apple info, stay tuned to our juicy blogs to get the most out of your iPhone!

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