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iPhone XR: Explained

What is the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR (ten arr, not exx arr) is Apple's new base-level iPhone. It features that gorgeous all-screen design and glass back. This baby comes loaded with the new A12 Bionic Chip. What does that mean? It means it's really, really, ridiculously fast. Yes, I know Androids are great and amazing, but it is pure-hard fact that this new processor is far above and beyond everything else. It comes with FaceID and a Liquid Retina display.

The phone also comes in five stunning colours, and supplements the stainless steel frame of the iPhone X and XS for the iPhone 6/7/8 style aluminium frame.

What's the difference between the XR and the XS?

Well, the biggest difference is that screen. The iPhone XS comes with what we call an OLED screen, this means the black levels are infinite (look at a black image in the dark on an OLED screen and it will literally just look as if the screen is off) and in general are considered a higher quality screen. The resolution is also higher on the XS.

The XR lacks the second wide-angle camera on the back, and 3D touch. For the 90% of you reading, 3D touch is when you push hard on the screen for certain commands.

If You Haven't Understood Anything Yet

Then the iPhone XR is for you. You will barely see a difference in the screen, and most of the features you get in the iPhone XS you almost definitely do not care about. If you're not big on technology, the iPhone XR was literally designed for you.

The features removed from the iPhone XR are considered premium features that your general consumer would not care about. If sales tell anything; this is absolutely true with the iPhone XR selling out of some variations in some countries within 24 hours.

If you fit into one of these two categories;

  • You don't know a lot about technology, but you do know you want the best
  • You love technology, even if your wallet doesn't
  • You have more money than sense

Then the iPhone XR ISN'T for you, and the post you should be reading will be coming shortly.

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