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iOS Hacks

smartphonesshop.com.au - If you are part of the iPhone bandwagon, we imagine you’re more than satisfied with the functionalities of iOS. From humble beginnings in 2007 to the powerhouse it is now, iOS is the ultimate combination of efficiency, security and simplicity. It’s hard to use any other operating system on mobile after you’ve been seduced by the beauty of iOS. If like everybody else you’re looking for more functionality, check out some hacks and hidden features that will make you feel proud to be an iPhone user!


Play It Louder

If your iPhone’s speaker just isn’t loud enough (it’s why they invented Bluetooth speakers!) or you have the misfortune of using an older model with only one speaker, there’s a handy little trick as outlined by the geeks at CNET. Simply go to the settings in your iPhone, tap music then tap EQ. After that select the “late-night: option for a nice little boost to your speakers when you need your music to be louder. CNET was also kind enough to demonstrate just how simple this particular method is in the following images:

iOS Hacks Speaker

Own The Pranksters

Spam calls are the very bane of our existence. There’s nothing worse than being woken up on a Sunday morning with a scammer from a foreign country trying to get your details from a totally legitimate business offer or a bogus recorded arrest warrant for tax evasion. While the scammers may be getting smarter, iOS is even smarter with the option to silence calls from unknown numbers. The ever-useful Gadgets 360 reports that all you have to do is go to settings, then "Phone" where you can select the option to mute those annoying calls. We may miss out on our inheritance from a Nigerian prince, but we’ll surely sleep better on weekends.


Hide The Evidence

For every screenshot you take, we’re sure that there’s more than a few that you’d like to keep private. We don’t judge or ask questions, but if there are any controversial screenshots from questionable websites that you’d like to keep away from your photo gallery, lest you want to show somebody a photo and they get a glance of that embarrassing picture in your gallery, all you have to do after you take your screenshot as reported once again by Gadgets 360, is tap "Save to Files" and select exactly where you want it to go. It’s a simple feature that’s often overlooked, which will help hide screenshots and unclog your gallery.  


Current Location Unknown

In today’s climate, there’s no such thing as being too paranoid about security, and with images housing plenty of metadata that could give away more than we feel comfortable with, being careful with what you share is a must. Thankfully, iOS allows you to remove EXIF data, which contains information you’d rather not share. 9To5Mac reports that you simply need to go to the photos app on your iPhone, select an image, select options and you’ll be greeted with an option to turn off the location. If you’d like to go a step further, you can even toggle off “All Photos Data” as well.

iOS Location

VIP Access

We all know the joy that the ‘Do Not Disturb” feature provides in iOS, but there’s always that special someone that we need to stay in touch with regardless of the situation. PCMag reports that all you need to do is go to “Do Not Disturb” under settings, select “Phone”, then you’ll be prompted to let calls come through from your favourites, and if there is one individual who needs contact to you one hundred per cent of the time, simply find their name in your contact list, select edit, click the ringtone/text tone option for them, then enable the “Emergency Bypass” for that person. We’d imagine that they’d have to be pretty important for that.

Do not Disturb bypass

The Full Picture

Isn’t it annoying when you need to save a long screenshot but need to take two images or even zoom the entire thing out? With iOS, you can easily save long screenshots as PDF files for easy access. Whether you’re in Safari, Keynote, Mail or Apple Maps and take a screenshot as reported by PCMag, there will be a thumbnail on the right side of the screen, which you can select and save to the files folder as a PDF. Does it get any simpler than that?

Screenshot PDF iOS

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Not all websites are built the same. Some are smoother than butter, others are frustrating enough to make you pull your hair out. iOS understands that each website will have its own needs, which is why you can actually change the preferences for the individual websites you visit! MacRumors reports that in order to enable this, you’ll need to navigate to a website, select the “aA” in the top left corner and then select "Website Settings." You’ll be able to configure options for your selected website including displaying the desktop version, the simplified reader version and even permissions, where you can allow or deny the website access to your camera, microphone and location. That dodgy, horribly optimised website you need to visit can finally be less painful.

iOS Websites

We’ve always been impressed with Apple’s approach to iOS, and the multiple hacks and features have only made us happier to be part of the ecosystem. With iOS 14 coming up, we couldn’t be more excited. For everything Apple and some Android hacks coming soon, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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