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Check Out The iPhone 12 Reveal Date And Rumours!

smartphonesshop.com.au - Finally, after nights spent tossing and turning worrying about the latest iPhone, Apple has decided we need a good night’s sleep, announcing a reveal date with a graphic and AR surprise! The year is finally starting to look good and Apple has yet to disappoint us, so let’s dive deep into what we know so far with all the latest rumours! Check out Apple’s augmented reality easter egg below:

The Final Reveal

You won’t be obsessively googling “iPhone 12 reveal date” for now, as Apple has stated that the reveal for the iPhone 12 (if that’s what it will be called) will be on the 13th of October! The tagline for this year’s flagship Apple event is “Hi, Speed,” which many speculate is referring to the 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12 or perhaps even its processor, as reported by the ever-reliable 9to5Mac, who have also speculated that we’ll receive an A14 Bionic Processor. In other words, the iPhone 12/20 will be blisteringly fast.

Speculations, Speculations

In eager anticipation for the event of the year, speculations and rumours for the iPhone 12 are getting more interesting by the day. AppleInsider believes as many have previously reported that we’ll be getting an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, although recent rumours point to the iPhone 12 Max actually being called the iPhone 12 Mini. AppleInsider also believes that the Pro variants of the iPhone 12 will have buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rates and gorgeous 10-bit colour screens. 5G support is a given at this stage, while CNET thinks that the iPhone 12 rear cameras will include 3D-depth sensing technology alongside citing Japanese website Mac Otakara’s claims that the iPhone 12 will resemble the iPhone 11 in its design. We do hope though that the renders inspired by the iPhone 4 turn out to be true!

If you’re wondering how hard the iPhone 12 will hit your wallet, the internet’s favourite tech leaker Jon Prosser, has sources that have leaked prices, and to prove that you shouldn’t take them with a grain of salt, Jon claims that they got the iPhone SE launch date correct. As the old saying goes, shut up and take my money!

Tag Out

In another rumoured reveal for Apple’s Hi, Speed event that’s practically confirmed due to assets being found in iOS 13.2 alongside trademarks according to MacRumors, are AirTags, Apple’s answer to Tile’s Bluetooth trackers. They look to be extremely handy for those of us who can’t help but misplace our most important belongings. They are speculated to work similarly to Tile Bluetooth trackers, allowing you to find items that have the trackers stuck onto them via Bluetooth. Tile Bluetooth trackers range between 3 to 6 metres, so it’d be expected that AirTags would have a similar or possibly higher range. MacRumors claims that they’ll appear under a new “Items” tab in the “Find My” app, with notifications and AR balloons helping you locate your lost item. Also, if your prized possession is further from the AirTags’ maximum range, you’ll apparently be able to put it into “Lost Mode”, allowing other iPhone users to come across it and access your contact details to notify you that they’ve found your item. We’re most looking forward to those augmented reality balloons which look to make losing our keys an interesting experience!


Studio Gangster

First came the deep bass of EarPods, then came the wireless freedom of AirPods. Now, if rumours are to be believed, Apple is set to reveal AirPods Studio, their new pair of noise-cancelling headphones looking to rival the likes of Bose. AppleInsider claims that they will include a U1 chip, with Siri support and proximity sensors. There’s also the chance we’ll see interchangeable parts, allowing different versions with various materials for multiple purposes. Perhaps the biggest indicator of their existence is that Apple has stopped selling third-party audio accessories on its website according to 9to5Mac! We look forward to having our minds (and ears) blown away once again.

Home Is Where The Silicon Is At

Two other rumoured reveals for Apple’s event are a newer variation of HomePods and a device utilising Apple’s new Silicon processor. Bloomberg has reported that Apple is working a newer version of its HomePods, with AppleInsider claiming they would be smaller and cheaper, which makes sense as sales for HomePods weren’t anything to phone home about (sorry, we just had to).

While we don’t recommend getting your hopes up just yet, word is that we may see Apple reveal their first new device utilising the Silicon processor at the event next week. According to MacRumors, we’ll be seeing Macs with the new processors sometime towards the end of this year. There’s no guarantee that the event will cover it, but it’s more than plausible. PC users, take note!

With a reveal date finally on the horizon, months of waiting for answers has finally come to an end. 2020 hasn’t been the best of years but with this reveal coming next week, it’s almost like we’ve forgotten how bad things have been. We don’t know how we are going to sleep in anticipation for next week, but for everything Apple plus the reveal next week, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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