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Check Out The Best Weather Apps for iPhone


Check Out The Best Weather Apps for iPhone
smartphonesshop.com.au - As Apple used to say, there's an app for that, and when it comes to checking the weather, while the default iOS app is certainly sufficient, it has some stiff competition from various other options that dare we say, could be even better. Read on and find out the best ways to forecast the weather on your iPhone!


Check Out The Best Weather Apps for iPhone

Tune In

The world's premier weather TV channel, aptly called The Weather Channel is definitely a solid choice when it comes to third party weather apps. Many consider it the most popular weather app apart from the default iOS version and it's not hard to tell why, with accurate, detailed data and a well designed, responsive UI that makes checking the weather more convenient than ever before. You'll even get live updates plus its detailed reports will allow you to plan up to fifteen days in advance, helping you prevent your planned retail therapy trip from turning into a shower.

Weather Channel

Accurate Weather

What do you call your app when it tells the weather and is accurate? Jokes aside, AccuWeather has emerged as a strong contender in the ring when it comes to iPhone weather apps. You get accurate weather (sorry we had to) forecasts, also up to 15 days for planning, and as described by the developers themselves, you'll also get real time alerts, and RealFeel Temperature® technology, which will show the difference between how the weather looks and feels, perfect for when you can't tell whether you should wear that thick jacket or tracksuit pants. For those who really want to go in depth, you'll be more than pleased to know that AccuWeather also offers daily snapshots of stats including dew point, UV index, visibility, allergy, precipitation and even air quality reports! 


Embrace The Darkness

You might be forgiven for thinking the name of this next app sounds like a sci-fi or fantasy film, and we certainly don't blame you. The Dark Sky weather app will help you hunt dragons and... (whoops wrong blog) check the weather right down to the minute. The developers state you'll know exactly when the rain will stop or start wherever you are, with super detailed forecasts and of course, live notifications that will certainly help you avoid getting drenched or even worse, pelted by hail. In fact, the app proved quite handy that it was purchased by Apple themselves! Who knows, maybe one day it will come packaged as the default iPhone weather app in a future update. Did we mention that the name sounds cool?

Dark Sky

Under The Radar

Weather junkies and those who spend too much time looking at the sky, listen up because this app is directly aimed at you. The RadarScope app as described  by the developer on the app store, is geared towards weather enthusiasts, meteorologists, and basically those with an unhealthy obsession about our climate. This app is serious business, and will allow you to view next generation level 3 and super-resolution radar data with even tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings, plus predicted storm tracks from the U.S. National Weather Service. You'll have access to over 289 different radars across the world, with the app displaying the names of over 25,000 cities and towns on its map as you zoom and scroll. Radarscope can also retrieve and display updated weather data every two to ten minutes, ensuring you never skip a beat or raindrop.


Walk The Line

For every one of us that obsesses over the fine details, there's many who just want simplicity and privacy. For that, you've got Weather Line, an app that takes simplicity to a whole new level. Macworld were quite pleased with the app, stating that it presents all data on convenient cards which display detailed data once selected. Its UI is sparse but clean and not overwhelming. Those concerned with privacy will also be pleased to hear the app does not send or store location data nor utilise it in the background. While the app is free, those of you who decide to go for the subscription version will find plenty to be happy about, as it includes features from all the big players mentioned earlier, such as radar views from weather junkie app RadarScope, precipitation predictions from sci-fi thriller... we mean weather app Dark Sky plus weather forecasts from the accurate AccuWeather. You'll even get a nicer iPhone widget to remind you how worthwhile your purchase was. 

Weather Linr

Skynet Is Watching

Should a weather app just tell you the weather? No, says Carrot Weather! Part handy weather forecaster, part parody, this app makes checking the forecast both creepy and funny. Expect accurate and detailed forecasts from sources such as ClimaCell and MeteoGroup, and perhaps the most noteworthy feature, the hilarious AI with quirky quotes and jokes that will literally make your day. Not only that, the app is filled with some intriguing features such as the ability to view the weather for a location up to seventy years in the past, and even allows you to unlock achievements for travelling and utilising the app's many features. It's clearly the comedian of weather apps with both style and substance to match. Those achievements are surely going to encourage us to travel once this pandemic is over.

Carrot Weather

The days of waiting for the evening news to find out the weather forecast are truly over, and with these apps mentioned, we couldn't be happier. It's great to see that even with something as simple as a weather app, there's quite a bit of options ranging from the extremely detailed to the downright comical. For everything to do with iPhone, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs for all the juicy info!

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