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iOS 14 Beta Impressions

smartphonesshop.com.au - The new iOS update is without a doubt, the biggest leap in years for the operating system. From widgets to security features that have actually exposed the snooping habits of some of your favourite apps, iOS 14 is looking to rock your world. Even in beta, iOS 14 is changing the iPhone experience like never before. Read on to see why this year’s update will revolutionise how you use your iPhone, while also reminding you of Android.


Your iPhone home screen is about to get a lot more interesting with the addition of widgets. It’s only taken years but Apple has finally caught on to convenience that widgets can offer. The wizards at How-To-Geek have described how simple it is to add widgets to your home screen. Pressing and holding the home screen will bring up the “plus” button which then gives you access to the widget gallery and even allows you to choose the size of the widget. There's also an App Library which groups your apps into the correct categories making finding specific apps a breeze. While you can’t place widgets anywhere on the screen the same way you can with Android, it’s a fantastic feature nevertheless and shows that Apple is actively listening to the requests of its users. Perhaps we’ll see complete freedom with widgets in iOS 15!


You Give Me Freedom I’ve Been Looking For

There’s nothing better than the freedom to choose what apps you’d like to use as defaults. While Android users have proudly shown off their ability to set other apps for their browsers and emails, iOS has been stuck with Safari, but no more! One of the most interesting announcements from this year’s Apple Worldwide developers conference, while not enabled yet in the current beta, iOS 14 for the first time in the history of the iPhone will allow you to set the default app of your choice, so if you really love chrome or enjoy the data saving features of Opera Touch, you can kiss Safari goodbye (well not really). Of course, why you’d want to use another browser other than Safari is another question (hope you’re happy Apple Fanboys).

Who Watches The Watchmen?

Privacy is going to take a whole new meaning in iOS 14. In our previous article, we showed how TikTok was pasting from your clipboard, now iOS 14 has caught other apps in the act! MacRumors reports that users have been alerted that LinkedIn has been copying from their clipboard, with LinkedIn claiming it is a bug.  It doesn’t just end there, with 53 apps shown to be grabbing clipboard data according to Naked Security with even Reddit’s app being exposed in the act!  Forbes has reported how Reddit’s app has now been caught snooping on your clipboard, thanks once again to iOS 14’s privacy notifications. It’s a bit ironic since not too long ago Reddit’s CEO called out TikTok’s app for its parasitic behaviour. 

iOS14 Privacy

According to CNET, the privacy-conscious of you will also be happy to hear that whenever an app accesses your camera, you’ll be greeted with a dot on the top right of your screen that will be coloured green or orange when your microphone is at the mercy of an app. They’ve also reported how iOS 14’s sound recognition features can notify you when it detects certain sounds such as alarms or your dog, which will be especially useful for those with impaired hearing.

The Full Picture

You’re in the middle of winning a battle in Clash Of Clans or streaming your favourite series, then some boffin in their infinite wisdom decides to interrupt your precious session. The phone rings, your screen has been hijacked. A stream of profanity follows, your phone is thrown (perhaps not that far hopefully, but if that does happen we’ve got plenty of cases and screen protectors for that). With iOS 14, that kind of scenario will never happen again. Tom’s Guide has shown us that calls now no longer hold the entire screen hostage, with call notifications appearing in a small box at the top of the screen. How about Siri’s annoying habit of taking over your screen? Even that’s been addressed with Siri’s iconic orb appearing at the bottom of the screen and all responses in a small box at the top. We’re more than pleased to say we no longer dread using Siri. 

Facetime iOS

Videos and Facetime will also learn how to stop taking over your entire screen. According to Cnet’s impressions of the iOS 14 beta, you’ll be able to minimize and resize videos into a smaller screen so you can access other apps or messages while you watch. Facetime calls will also be easier to manage than ever with the ability to turn video calls into smaller windows. Just try not to look too distracted during an important video call.


Lost In Translation

Apple’s answer to Google Translate is definitely going to be a flagship feature for iOS 14. 9To5Mac recently got their hands on it and the impressions so far have been extremely positive. You simply type what you want to be translated or even use the power of Dictation to make the app translate your speech. The iPhone’s Neural engine ensures the app works offline, but for the most accurate results, an internet connection will be required in order for the app to utilise Apple’s servers and bring you the most precise translation. You’ll certainly have a lot more fun on your travels with the Translate app (when you’ll be allowed to travel that is).

iPhone Translate

With the public beta of iOS 14 releasing soon in July, your iPhone is going to embrace simplicity in a way like never before. The features that Android users have taken for granted will finally be available in all their glory for Apple users. If we’re this excited with iOS 14, who knows what Apple has in store for the iPhone 12/20? For all the juiciest leaks and updates, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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