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Why You'll Fall In love With Android 11

smartphonesshop.com.au - We’ve been occupied lately with the radical redesigns and features that iOS 14 looks to bring to the table this year, but what about Android? They say imitation is the best form of flattery and iOS 14’s implementation of features that Android users have enjoyed for years is perhaps one of the best recent examples. For all of you Android users, let’s take a look at why Android 11 will make you appreciate the freedoms that Android can give. While still in beta, Android’s commitment to giving its users simplicity and freedom is why we’re always excited to see what it brings to the table.

Why You'll Fall In love With Android 11

Always On

Should recording calls, audio or videos from your phone be difficult? While other operating systems may agree (not mentioning any names) Android 11 wishes to make this as easy as possible. The ever-reliable XDA Developers report that Android 11 will allow native recording of calls from the dialer app, as well as recording audio from apps alongside screen recording! To sweeten the deal, you’ll even be able to record audio from both your microphone and device as well!  No more searching for dodgy apps on the Play Store, you can now narrate over your videos and easily record that important phone call. We highly suspect all of you dedicated prank callers will love this feature. 

Android 11 Call Recording


Out With The Old

Sending deleted items to the bin is no longer exclusive to Windows, as Android 11 will give you a second chance to decide if you really want to delete certain files. As reported by Android Police, Google has added a “trashcan” which will hold your deleted files for thirty days before sending them to the depths of oblivion. Expect your indecisiveness to go into overdrive as you ponder over whether that selfie really should be deleted or not.

Media Store

Safe, Secure and Sound

With it being the most important feature of any update, Android 11 wants to redefine what security for your smartphone means. The wizards themselves at Android Developers have outlined just how thorough Android 11 will be when it comes to app permissions. You can now grant temporary permissions for apps to access your camera or microphone, with permissions granted for apps resetting if they haven’t been used for a few months. For those apps that want to know where you are, you’ll be greeted with a screen explaining just why that app in particular needs your location plus options to allow the app access to it all the time, when the app is running, to ask for permissions every time it’s opened and of course to decline access. It’s a far cry from the wild west that Android is normally portrayed as and truly shows their dedication to making the operating system secure as ever.

Android 11 Permissions

So Bubbly

Android 11 isn’t just content with adding security and recording features, it wants to revolutionise notifications and make messaging simpler than you’d expect with it’s ‘Bubbles” feature. 9To5Google shows just how convenient these Bubbles will be, appearing on the top left of the screen with a name and preview. Once pressed, a small screen opens up allowing you to access a message thread easily as well as shortcuts for calls or Google Duo with your contact. Pocket Lint also adds that you’ll be able to prioritise specific contacts, to ensure you always receive their notifications even while your device is in “do not disturb” mode.

Android 11 Bubbles

My Voice Is My Password

Google really likes the sound of your voice. They like it so much they’ve decided to add voice access in Android 11, allowing you the freedom to basically do everything your fingers would normally do, but with your sweet voice instead. Android Central has summarised exactly how voice access will be a game-changer for Android 11, with the ability to open apps just with your voice. Want to open twitter? Simply say “open Twitter, compose tweet!” Want to see your notifications? Say “notification panel.” It’s the kind of thing of relationship we’ve dreamed of with our phones and will inevitably lead to many weird looks on public transport at the beginning. We are tempted to download an app with the word “spartans” in it, and loudly profess our desire to open it on a crowded train.

Android 11 Voice

Shaken, Not Stirred

There’s nothing more annoying than a robocall. Whether it’s being disturbed on your Sunday sleep-in by a robotic voice threatening you with a bogus arrest warrant or a call in a language you don’t even understand, we can all agree it’s probably one of the worst parts of owning a phone. CNET reports that Android 11 will help fight these annoying calls with its “Stir/Shaken standards which will help detect call spoofing. XDA Developers explains this concept even further, stating that calls will need to be verified and signed by the network the call is coming from with the use of cryptographic certificates, followed by another verification by the network that is receiving the call, making it much harder for scammers to hide their actual phone numbers. Your weekend sleep-ins are protected for now, or at least until the scammers find new ways to annoy us all.

Sweet, Sweet Refresh Rates (And Picture Within Picture Resizing!)

While we were harking on about iOS 14’s picture within picture capabilities, Android 11 will now allow you to resize windows with videos and apps in the background according to Pocket Lint and finally, as Trusted Reviews describes, will handle higher refresh rates for apps properly. For devices such as the Galaxy S20 that utilise multiple refresh rates, Android 11 will use the app’s preferred frame rate for the smoothest performance when using that particular app. It’s a pivotal feature in a time when phones are beginning to look even smoother than real life (looking at you Galaxy S20 Ultra and S30).

Android 11

The battle of the operating systems has without a doubt taken an interesting turn. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you can’t help but admire the innovations that both systems will offer this year. The Galaxy S30/S21 and the iPhone 12/20 are surely going to be more than worth the wait but until then, for everything Samsung and Android, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs for all the juicy leaks and reveals as they happen!

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