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Smart Tips: How To Take Screenshots On Samsung Devices

smartphonesshop.com.au - Whether you’ve come across something hilarious you’d like to share, or some information that you need quick access to, knowing how to take a screenshot is one of the most important things when it comes to your device. It’s also worth noting that the process may differ depending on your model. So without further ado, check out below how you can take screenshots on your Samsung device.


No Place To Call Home

If you’re using a Samsung device that’s either a Galaxy S8 or newer, you know well enough that it lacks a power button. As outlined by Samsung you’ll need to hold both the volume down and power button, with a sound or flash on the screen letting you know that it was successful! If only everything else in our lives was this simple.

I Want To Get Physical

Those of you still stuck with an older Samsung device that’s burdened with a home button will need to utilise a slightly different method to capture those memes that you want to share. Simply hold both the home button and the power button until you hear a sound or see a flash on the screen and that’s it! Your silly picture has been saved and is ready to be shared.

(Courtesy of Android Central)

Mrs Palmer

If you hate pressing buttons to take screenshots or just really enjoy making gestures, then you’ll find plenty to love about this way of taking screenshots. Referred to as Palm Swipe by Samsung, you’ll have to move your hand from right to left across the screen while the side of your hand touches the right part of the screen. A flash will tell you that it has been successful but if it doesn’t work, ensure that Palm Swipe is enabled in the Settings, under either Advanced Features or Motions and Gestures. Not only is it convenient, but we have to say it feels futuristic!

Hello, Mr Bixby

Debuting on the Galaxy S8 and being Samsung’s answer to the immensely popular Siri, Bixby can also take screenshots as well! There’s a lot that Bixby is capable of, but in order to get Samsung’s personal assistant to capture that important moment on your device, all you have to do is say “Hi Bixby,” or press the Bixby button on your device and tell it to "screenshot my phone." How Bixby compares to Siri may be a story for another time (stay tuned) but we have to say that its name does sound quite catchy.

Smart Scrollers

When you want to capture long conversations and entire webpages, taking multiple screenshots can be annoying and impractical. The Scrolling Screenshots feature on Samsung devices as described by NEXTPIT, is the perfect solution. You’ll just need to take a screenshot as described in the section above depending on your device, then simply tap the Scroll Capture option that will appear right at the bottom. Does it get any easier than this?

With these tips, you’ll hopefully never get lost when it comes to capturing that conversation or post that just needs to be shared. We’re all about keeping it simple here at Smart Phones, and for everything to do with your Samsung device, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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