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Get Podcasting! The Best Podcast Apps For Android

smartphonesshop.com.au - It seems everybody has jumped on the podcast train. From your favourite companies to friends, not a day goes by without a new podcast popping up. We're sure that even your grandmother has started one, and while you may not be interested in the topics she'll cover, you'll most likely at one stage want to start a podcast. So whether you'll be covering sports, true crime or Tupperware, check out our compilation of the best podcast apps for Android and broadcast your thoughts to the world.

Get Podcasting! The Best Podcast Apps For Android


Anchor Links

When the world’s favourite music streaming app brings you a podcast creator, you sit up and pay attention. Anchor, from the brainiacs at Spotify claims to be the “easiest way to make a podcast,” according to their Google Play Store listing, and the rest of the features listed has us eager to create one. You’ve got free hosting as part of the package, with even the ability to share your podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, ensuring nobody can escape the soothing sounds of your voice. Anchor makes editing your podcasts with your own audio simpler than ever while offering a cover art creator! It doesn’t just end there though, should your podcasts prove successful enough, Anchor offers sponsorships which will involve you recording advertisements in your own voice! Try pulling that off with a Morgan Freeman voice, we promise we’ll listen to it.


In Da Cloud

While we mainly know SoundCloud as a place to find potential superstars (or duds who can't stop preaching about "real" rap), you may not have known that it can also be used to record your podcasts. Tech blog Makeuseof perfectly covers why Soundcloud is fantastic for podcasts, with its wide library, recognition and reasonable price of $12 USD per month for detailed creator controls bundled with the most amount of storage space, perfect for those episodes that drag on! With detailed statistics that show you just how popular you are alongside deep customisation and a simple, user-friendly interface, you'll find SoundCloud to be the perfect place to fulfil your Joe Rogan fantasy. You may not be as interesting as him, but count us in if you can get somebody on your podcast that makes us laugh like Joey Diaz. Besides, if Soundcloud was good enough for Post Malone and Billie Eilish, we're sure it's good enough for you!



Pods and Beans

With an extensive library including millions of beloved podcasts alongside a user-friendly creator, Podbean is the place where the greatest podcasts have all been (get it?) Apart from that, According to the Google Play Store, you’ll get full control over how your episodes turn out, with simple yet detailed controls allowing you to edit and add audio, alongside a wide variety of music and sound effects to truly personalise your show. You even get the option of downloading your streams offline with a large amount of storage at no cost, plus you’ll be able to share content to your social networks in an easier manner than ever. Another noteworthy feature is the name, we just had to mention how catchy it was!


Spreaking While Speaking

You can have the greatest features in an app, but if it isn’t simple to use, you can expect it to turn away users. Keeping it simple just like we do, the Spreaker podcasting app aims to remove the daunting nature of creating a podcast. We’re quite impressed with how it’s described on the Google Play Store, outlined as a detailed and flexible creator that appeals to any type of podcaster, whether they’re the gruff, seasoned pro or the beginner that’s still wet behind the ears, you can expect an experience tailored to your expertise. Its never been simpler to edit your recordings to perfection and you even get real-time stats to show you just how cool (or lame) your episodes are. When you’re ready to show your intriguing personality to the world, you’ll find that sharing it to the top platforms such as Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts is as easy as taking candy from a baby (not that we recommend doing that).


Made In A Lab

Regardless of how engaging your podcast is, bad quality audio will turn away even the biggest purists. The AudioLab App as described on the Google Play Store, promises to make your audio clear and easy on the ears. It offers the standard audio recording features, but what makes this app truly stand out is its ability to support pretty much every audio file format while giving you the power to trim and mix your audio with sound effects such as echoes, 3d Audio alongside transcribing and even removing unwanted background noise! The amount of customisation you get with this app is utterly insane, as you can split and reverse recordings, combined with allowing you to convert files into different formats, meaning you’ll never have to visit dubious websites again loaded with malware to change file formats. As any podcaster who’s been in the game long enough will tell you, poor quality equals fewer followers, making AudioLab an essential download for any budding podcaster.



If you’ve been interested in starting a podcast, you now have no excuse. Whether you’re looking to create a comedy podcast to brighten up the days of everyone during these tough times, or perhaps a more informative one looking to educate your listeners on a specific topic, these apps will help bring out your creativity by making the process simpler than ever. We look forward to hearing whatever your artistic minds come up with, and for everything Android, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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