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Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra Reveal and Leaks


Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra Reveal and Leaks
smartphonesshop.com.au - While Samsung’s Unpacked event is officially happening on the 5th of August, that hasn’t stopped information for the Galaxy Note20 leaking out, with insiders getting their hands on prototypes and a release date slated between August 5 to August 20, it’s all but confirmed at this point. From what we’ve seen, we can confidently say that if you thought the Galaxy S20 was Samsung at its peak of innovation, you have seen nothing yet. 


Loose Lips Sink Ships

In what could be considered the biggest marketing blunder of 2020 so far, we originally got confirmation of the existence and design of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra through Samsung accidentally leaking it onto its Russian website. As per the saying, the internet never forgets and we got a glimpse into Samsung’s plans to make you throw your GalaxyS20 away (okay maybe not that far, but you get the picture).

Galaxy Note20

The most detailed breakdown available comes courtesy of Jimmy is Promo, one extremely lucky Youtuber who’s gotten their hands on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. The video shows that it will ship with Android 10 which is no surprise since its full release is due around the 8th of September. The Note20 Ultra will also have version 2.5 of Samsung’s One UI Android skin installed.

Note20 Ultra

Jimmy is Promo has also confirmed that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra's S-Pen can act as a pointer, and from the back of both phablets, we can see the camera upgrade the Note20 Ultra has over the Note10 Plus and perhaps a downside that looks to stand out like a sore thumb, a large camera bump as reported by Android Central. Thanks to Jimmy is Promo once again, we were also treated to the Note20 Ultra’s 120HZ Dynamic AMOLED capabilities and if you’re curious about its size, it is definitely bigger than the Note10 Plus, which measures at a whopping 6.8 inches! We weren’t exaggerating when we said Samsung wants you to get rid of your Galaxy S20.

Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra Reveal and Leaks


Galaxy Note20 Ultra Reveal and Leaks

Memory Dump

The Federal Communications Commissions certification of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra has also leaked details on the kind of beastly device Samsung looks to unleash on the smartphone world. As reported by the eagle-eyed gurus at My Smart Price, the FCC certification confirms that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will utilize a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, will include beloved wireless charging capabilities and one of the most important inclusions of today, 5G. We’ll also see a 6.87- 7-inch display and 3,040x1,440P resolution. Forbes adds that the FCC certification confirms that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will include WiFi 6 and reverse wireless charging. Samsung Leaker Ice Universe has also come across some cases for the Galaxy Note20, with a hole in the bottom that many users on twitter are speculating is a headphone jack  With all these leaks, it’s almost as if Samsung is allowing this to happen intentionally.

Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra Reveal and Leaks

Battery Guzzler

If you hated how your Galaxy S20 Ultra chewed through your battery life when enabling its silky smooth 120HZ setting, rest assured as reported by CNET, our favourite Samsung leaker Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy Note20 will handle its battery power in a much more efficient manner, giving you more time to enjoy the goodness of 120HZ. The rumour is further strengthened by Danish tech blog Galaxy Club, who’ve even gone as far saying that we can expect to see the Note20 utilise 15% to 20% less strain on the battery. In terms of battery power though, SamMobile states that through China’s 3C certification database, the Galaxy Note20’s battery will be a 4,300mAh cell, rated at 4,170mAh capacity. With 120HZ clearly being the future, even sending text messages is going to look stylish.

Note Down Your Worries

While Samsung has truly gone the extra mile in ensuring that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will rock your world, the same cannot be said for the Galaxy Note 20. According to Forbes, the Galaxy Note20 will be limited to a 60HZ refresh rate, as confirmed by the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. Cost and the limitations of Low-Temperature Polysilicon displays were cited as the main reasons, with a more powerful battery needed for the feature to work efficiently.


When a prominent Samsung insider is pessimistic about a release, it’s never a good sign. Forbes reports that Ice Universe believes that the Note20 will be limited to a full HD resolution and a 60HZ refresh rate, even going as far to call it the Note20 Lite! It’s a scathing opinion that has us seriously concerned with how the Note20 will actually turn out. We'll reserve judgement until we get our hands on the Note20, but don’t break our hearts Samsung!

With less than a month to go for Samsung’s online-only Unpacked event on August 5, we’ll finally get a comprehensive look at the Galaxy Note20. From what we’ve seen, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra looks to redefine the capabilities of a phablet while the Galaxy Note20 looks to play it a little too safe. For all the latest Samsung leaks plus coverage of the Unpacked event, keep an eye on our Smart Blogs for everything to do with Samsung!

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