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Juicy Leaks for Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S30, Galaxy S20 Lite and Galaxy Z Fold2

smartphonesshop.com.au - While we’ve been occupied with the marvels of iOS 14 and all sorts of other revelations from Apple, fear not Samsung users for we’ve got a heap of juicy leaks for the newest Galaxy models! While we currently love our S20s, we know that the inevitable release of the latest Galaxy phone will make it look outdated. That’s the level of commitment Samsung has to ensure its releases truly blow your socks off. Read on to see why we’re going crazy for the rumours on the Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S30, Galaxy S20 Lite and the Galaxy Z Fold2!

Note It Down

While rumours swirled for a while regarding the Galaxy Note20, we’re ecstatic to confirm it exists and has been leaked! 7News reports that a page for the Galaxy Note20 on Samsung’s Russian website was accidentally leaked by the company and removed, with Samsung set to announce the phablet next month. My Smart Price has also confirmed the Note20 Ultra due to its Bluetooth SIG certification. Forbes reports that prolific Samsung leaker and insider Ice Universe states that the Note20 Ultra will have the same periscope 5x camera 108MP module like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a reduction of the 100x Space Zoom featured in the Galaxy S20 Ultra down to 50x for better quality pictures. Also, expect dedicated autofocus hardware for unparalleled accuracy in your shots.

Interestingly, Ice universe also believes the standard Note20 will be a mediocre release and not worthy of being part of the Galaxy Note range. They also believe that the S20 Ultra will have an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 865 chipset plus a 120HZ display, while the original Note20 will come with the exact same processor as the Galaxy S20, according to Techradar. While this is all still speculation, it seems clear that Samsung wants the Note20 Ultra to fully take the spotlight. Our Galaxy S20’s are getting quite worried...



Images of the Note20 Ultra that were removed from Samsung's Russian website.


One Phone To Rule Them All

While we don’t even know if it will be called the Galaxy S30 or the S21, recent leaks and patents from Samsung should make Apple more than a little worried. Samsung’s recently leaked Exynos 1000 chip has been benchmarked and reported to be a whopping three times faster than the GPU of the Snapdragon 865 as reported by GizChina, with the Exynos 1000 AMD GPU achieving 58 frames per second and the Snapdragon 865 chip only getting 20 frames per second in a GFXBench graphics benchmark as reported by Tom’s Guide. It looks like Samsung is hard at work making your Galaxy S20 obsolete!

We were already gobsmacked at the capabilities of the cameras in the Galaxy S20 range, particularly the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but Samsung, in its usual habits wants to make you forget your Galaxy S20 ever existed. Micky reports that patents from Samsung point to six cameras which can move individually. Can you imagine the accuracy and precision that you’ll get from that? It’s enough to make any avid photographer crazy. That’s not all though! SamMobile also reports that Samsung may be developing an insane 150 Megapixel Nonacell sensor for its flagship releases. Your photos may look better than real life for once and this isn’t just an analogy, as prominent Samsung leaker Ice universe claims that the head of Samsung’s sensor business aims to develop 600-megapixel sensors in the future that will actually exceed the limits of the human eye!

For those of you who were frustrated with the issues that arose from the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s autofocus, you’ll be more than happy to know that Samsung is making sure it’s next release won’t suffer from this problem. Tom’s Guide reports that Samsung is trialling two different variants of its Optical Image Stabilization technology, with the first version having it on the phone’s main, telephoto and selfie cameras. The second is reporting to use the technology on the main, telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. With individually movable cameras and different frequencies, taking photos may never be the same again.

For The Fans

The leaks don’t just end there, as Samsung is reported to be developing a Galaxy S20 Lite or “Fan Edition/Pen Edition” as Android Central claims, which may be released in October this year. The Galaxy S20 Lite/Fan edition will reportedly be released with both 4G and 5G versions, although the U.S will only receive the 5G version. SamMobile also claims it will be released in the prism white, prism blue and prism violet colours. We should also expect 128GB of storage and a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Leaks from SamMobile also point to a new Samsung foldable phone to be revealed soon. Analyst Ross Young claims the Galaxy Z Fold2 as it’s rumoured to be called, will have the same camera setup as the Galaxy S20 Plus. While not too much is known about the latest foldable Galaxy model, it is rumoured it will feature a 7.7-inch foldable display, 5G and a 120HZ display minus the S-Pen support. Are foldable smartphones the future? Perhaps they very well may be.

With the plethora of Samsung leaks, Apple is going to have some extremely interesting competition. While Apple has been showing off iOS 14 and its new processor for its upcoming MacBooks, it seems that Samsung has been waiting silently to launch its next offensive. Who will be the victor and what other leaks await? For everything Samsung and much more, stay tuned to our Smart Blogs!

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